Snacks and Snapshots.

Last weekend my mom came to campus to see my room, we went shopping and to dinner, and bought some fun decorations (and a whole bunch of groceries – hollah!)…

I always burn candles in my room, makes it smell so good and totally makes the mood! (even though I shouldn't be, shhhh!)Flowers my mom bought me this weekend - brightens up the room! 😀

Mini Punnnnkins!!!!!

This week–like most, I’m discovering– was another packed full of to-dos; sorority commitments, school, work, yoga, cleaning the yoga studio, friends, family, schoolwork, meetings, applying to the major, etc.. I’m definitely busy this quarter! But, not complaining! I pretty much set my schedule and I like it. I like being busy – sometimes I feel like the busier I am, the more I get done! Make sense?

Here are some of the week’s snacks and snapshots!

Been studying and doing tons of reading for my classes - really interesting and i've been liking it though!

To-go salad for dinner one night, with unpictured tortilla - w/ steamed veg, baked tofu (so good!), humus, brussels and goat cheese. w/ thai peanut dressing from Trader Joe's--my favorite!!

Sushi returns!

Lots of coffee and study/reading been going on!

Love these bars, they are a fav! They come in Carob (my favorite one!) and PB flavors too!

My bad habit ;P

Dried medjool dates, SO good! Insert pb "dipper" *here*

Carrots and humus eaten in Sbux the other day as study snacks! I know my girl GC would be proud!

Mango, peach and passion fruit smoothie on campus! Love these, remind me of this spring when I got them all the time during finals week! It was HOT that day and a smoothie seemed necessary!

And tonight…

Sushiland!! Ahhh, haven't been in soooo long! Took a new friend tonight, her first time going.. yum i LOVE me some sushi!!

Then we went to a movie! We saw this, thanks to my “benefits” of company $6 movie tickets:

Reaction: I thought it was cute…but totally what I expected it to be. I feel like Katherine Heigl has done this role already a million times. Regardless, it was cute, funny, sad, dramatic and pretty well done overall, not a bad way to spend a Friday night!

Came home craving something sweet. Even though I dug into some leftover chocolate chip banana bread and chocolate chip cookie that my cook had made earlier, I dug out these almond biscottis I bought at TJ’s and had a couple topped with White Chocolate Wonderful and Dark Chocolate Dreams, (No nut butter left behind!) and carob chips – a winning combination! 😀

This weekend is a Football weekend, a home game on campus tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t have tickets, but may still partake in “pre gaming activities” 😉 Also on the agenda is another possible Sushiland visit – they have a special tomorrow only: every plate is $1!

Hope you all had lovely weeks and starts to the weekend!


1. Do you like being busy? How do you “set your schedule?”

2. Seen any good movies lately? What do you think of Katherine Heigl? Josh Duhamel? <– ❤ him!

3. Is it a “football weekend” for you or your team? Go to just the tailgates, or is the game ‘necessary’?! 😉

G’Night all!!


10 responses to “Snacks and Snapshots.

  1. Very helpful! Thanks 🙂 I wish you much success!

  2. I love being busy as long as I can have a bit of down time each day too. I don’t like having days of nothing, but also don’t like when its go go go from morning to bed.

    I really want to see that movie. I’ll wait until it comes on DVD though because I know it will be predictable and not worth the hefty theater ticket. How cool you can go for cheaper.

    • I agree – important to find a balance!

      Yeah, it’s a good, “wait till DVD” movie, not missing much, but also a cute one to see.. eventually 😉 I am very lucky w/ my discounted tickets.. otherwise it probably would have been DVD status for me 😀

      Take care, have a great weekend!

  3. keep doing great lovely!!!
    1. I LOVE being busy!!!! I love my chill days tho ! (which are rare!)
    2. No i havent! I need to!
    3. I LOVE tailgates AND the games!
    love you!

    • Thanks girl!

      Yeah I love being busy.. As for the tailgate and game.. I kind of want to go, but lack of a ticket and a rainy Saturday.. may postpone for another day! We shall see! 😉

      Take care love!! ❤

  4. I loooove lighting candles. I swear no batter how crappy of a mood you’re in, a dim room with candles always makes things a *little* better 😉

  5. i love vanilla anything, and espi candles! Those glade ones, for the money, are really good little buggers!

    thanks for saying hi this week 🙂

    and those bars, have wanted to try them but havent, thankx for the review!

    sushi….how fun for you two! taking a newbie!

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