Boy Food.

Tonight was a football game for my college home team! I didn’t have ticketss, but decided to go to a tailgate anyway, at the house where I lived this summer! Fun cause I got to see friends I haven’t hung out with lately!

Drinks and friends and fun occured…

And then this happened, boys are so funny!

…Boy Food!

Quadruple stack sandwich!


Pile 'O Chicken Nuggets!


Check out this boy drunchie grub!!

I don’t eat meat……… but I have to admit, it made me kind of hungry!

Came home and took a nap!!!!

….Off to find a snack! 😛

Boys are so funny!

❤ Night!


6 responses to “Boy Food.

  1. OMG!!! LET ME HAVE AT THAT BEAST-WICH!! WOWWW and a pile o nuggets brings back so many memories of me and my brothers. nuggets and honey mustard/sweet and sour sauce- DROOL ❤

  2. Gotta love boysss and their food 🙂

  3. Its so funny the food preferences guys have. They are all so similar.

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