More Pumpkin Lovin!

Pumpkin Ice Cream!!!

Also, this trail mix from Target. So good, so happy to see it today on the shelves, it’s baaack! Go buy some… like, yesterday!

Pumpkin Spice! It's healthy too!

Fav new pumpkin recipe / product??? … Or, are you not a fan?? <–*the horror!*




6 responses to “More Pumpkin Lovin!

  1. Serioulsy all this pumpking lovin going on in blog land right now is upsetting me!! we just dont do pumpkin here!! glad ur enjoyin it tho< hmmm+ 😦

  2. Gotta love everything-pumpkin!

  3. oh im loving pumpkin!! did you buy that pumpkin ice cream? i hope so- id love to know how it is!

  4. Oh my goodness the pumpkin. I cannot. Get. Enough. Fall is my favorite season for maaany reasons and that is a big one. I found an amazing vegan pumpkin muffin recipe recently that I would recommend to anyone willing to listen:

    The ring is absolutely gorgeous – though I was admiring your nails just as much lol. What’s the color??

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