Return Care Package.

Happy Homecoming weekend (at least here!), how did your team do?? Huskies won in overtime last night! 😀


A few weeks ago, I sent my little sister (who makes the. most. delicious baked goods ever.) a “care package.” It’s her first quarter away at school and when I saw some dark chocolate dreams at Target one day, I picked up a jar for her… and then went kind of crazy putting together a bunch of ‘odds and ends’ for her to enjoy…

Friday night, I got home from babysitting and saw this lovely package waiting for me! Sisterhood of the traveling….box!

Care packages - best ever! 😀


It included some reese’s cups, york peppermint patties, a lovely card, “whooly” soap, from her local farmer’s market, and this beautiful ring, which I started sporting immediately:

I love it!
Thanks, Hayley!!!! 🙂
Do you send/receive care packages? As much as I love to get them – putting them together is so fun too! Yesterday I was reading a blog, requesting a TJ’s item, and offering a “bloggie swap.”
I’d love to do that if anyone else is interested?!

Bux Pumpkin Spice.


10 responses to “Return Care Package.

  1. Id love to do a bloggie swap, im in irleland, so i say the stuff we get here is v.different to what u have! if ur interested-drop me a mail

    • Will do! I’m sure it’s crazy different – would be fun to see what goodies you have there, I know lots of stuff that we don’t have!

  2. Aww so nice of your sister!! I used to get care packages my freshman year, but now that I’ve been at college for awhile, my parents don’t send them anymore 😦 Hope you have a great start to your week love!!

  3. BEST NAIL POLISH COLOR IVE SERIOUSLY EVER SEEN! it looks SO gorgeous on ur beautiful hands 😉 its a mix of dark spooky warrior-ness with a graceful elegance ❤

    aweee and i love the 'sisterhood of the travelling care packages'!!! what a fun way of connecting with ur sister and feeling appreciated/special ❤ ❤

  4. packages in the mail are the best, especially when you least expect it. we live far, far, away (in Australia) so when family sends us stuff it’s double the surprise. 🙂

  5. Mmmm REESE’S!!! Those are my ABSOLUTE fav. Instead going out drinking/partying on Halloween i’m going to stay in and eat as many peanut butter cups as I can haha

    • Ha yeah anything chocolate and peanut butter is dangerous, for sure! Love that – steal them from all the kiddies ;)!

  6. livelaughlovehopeeat

    Thats SO cute!!! You do make me feel like a bad non-care package sending sister….
    That ring is SO gorg!! Love it!
    I miss youuuu!! We need another Seattle reunion soon…. its been like 2 years 😦

    • Yes, another Seattle reunion soon! I hope you are doing well, I’ve been thinking about you!

      Are you gonna be around anytime soon? WOuld love to do a Pike Place/coffee/lunch/shopping/boating day with you! Take care love!

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