I’m Lovin…

Lots of things!

Loving the sunrise this morning on my drive in to work,

So pretty!

…this Mojo Cliff bar,

Mojo bar...lost and found from my bar stash! Ate this yesterday and forgot how GOOD these are!! Will be buying more!


..Lovin Hhhhhhhhhhhhoneycrisp apples!,

Honeycrisps > any old apple

Loved eating it outside, while soaking in some autumn sun,




Also love this new building on campus! It has a huge lounge/cafe downstairs, is very modern and really cool inside - lots of windows!

Lovin a little chocolate in my life,

Chocolate Vita Tops!

These are good! - All out now! 😦

Finally, I’m Lovvvvvvin rockin all my boots! <– Love fall fashion!
So I ask you…….

What are you lovin’ lately?!!!!

Those boots are made for walkin!


6 responses to “I’m Lovin…

  1. im loving the beautiful fall weather!!! 🙂 and i love having so much energy!! 🙂

  2. I’m loving how quickly the semester is passing- Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!

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