Target Loot!

I have posted before about my love for Tar Jay and its unbelievable ability to consume you, leaving having spent way. too. much. on things you totally don’t need . (eg: I went in for shampoo and contact lense solution..)

It was Wednesday night, I was with my momma, and I needed some necessities!

Dollar bin items, fun foodie finds, new clothes and impulse buys…

Example 1 😉


Calcium chews, lactaid, body wash, a notebook for school/writing, makeup remover, mints, candles, another one of those bars I loved, shampoo, a little tuperware, socks, cuticle sticks…

Halloweeeeeeeeen candy, vitamin water zero (my bad habit!), choco covered peanuts and green apple candy corn, muscle milk - excited to try these!


Needed some candy for presents for my grand-little (a sorority thing- DIscovery night was this weekend!) and other people, so I bought these big bags, used little clear plastic baggies and ribbon to make individual gifts!


New shoes! Great for work, need to exchange though for a new size!



More new shoes! Slippers!!

Super comfy! Think I can get away with wearing them to work? 😉


Clothes!!! New shirts, a dress to wear for Halloween, work clothes and going out clothes! Fun stuff!


My favorite!

Had to get some of that pumpkin spice trail mix I love, you know just to keep up with the joneses bloggers with all the pumpkin lovin going on!…and  I had to dig for this bag, there were very few left!


And…. that’s not even all I bought! Whhewww, quite the haul! Thanks mommy!!!!!


After our shopping trance mission, we hit up our fav sushi spot, where we got a great tempura shrimp and tuna roll, miso, my favorite seaweed salad and this lil’ gem, very interesting, some good some not so good, but I loved the eggplant! Still, fun to try new things!

Chef's special: mixed pickled sea vegetables


In other news, I have been doing some on line shopping recently. I bought part of my Dad’s birthday present (Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack) online since it was sold out of the stores.

Package came right in time, gift fo my Dad's birthday!

Actually off to go give it to him! I’m home tonight and tomorrow afternoon to celebrate his early birthday, with my parents and grandparents tomorrow. I’m also cooking dinner tonight. On the menu is brown rice pasta with marinara, three types of seafood and veggies and salad. Should be a good one, I’m excited to cook! Whole Foods this morning to stock up on supplies 😀 and will post recipes/photos later from tonight!



1. Does Target consume you too? Favorite Tar Jay finds?!

2. Do you on-line shop or do you prefer to go to stores? I like going in to stores, but I have to say it’s kind of nice just being able to “check out” without having to deal with the sales people sometimes!

3. What’s the best thing you’ve done/eaten/cooked this weekend? Last night was really fun for me, dinner and after-party for our sorority “family,” and tonight looking forward to making dinner, hanging with the family and chilling with some TV and a glass of wine- been so long!


17 responses to “Target Loot!

  1. OMG You posted this on the most perfect day. Target experience today:
    1. Exchange sweater I bought last week to go with the perfect boots (I’m 5’11 and no matter how much I eat or how little I work out, normal boots just don’t fit my calves. Of course, there were boots at Target that fit perfectly, for only $50!). The sweater is now on sale. Saved $5.00!
    2. Signed up for the Target Visa card. That’s right. You heard me.
    3. Bought 6 items that went on clearance this morning, while Target employees were trying to make room for christmas stuff.
    4. Started my official Christmas shopping with those awesome $5-10 Target contraptions. IPod speakers, USB coffee warmer, and one of those lost-key-whistley-thingies.
    5. Groceries. Need I say more?

    And PS – That coconut milk conditioner is awesome. If you like it, you should totally try the Eucalyptus/Tea Tree/Mint/whatever shampoo in the green bottle by the same company. Awesome.

    • Wow, first of all, welcome new reader commentor! 😀

      Boots are a fall essential for sure, and I totally get that – I’m 5’11” ish too – it’s harrrrrrd to find boots! They are always so short on me too, never go all the way to my knees! 😦 Anyway, glad you found some good ones!

      Oh a target card, I need one but that could be so dangerous 😛 lol. Clearance = the. best. hands down. Most of the clothes I bought were on clearance, they had some great stuff.. some not so good stuff too but you just have to do some digging!

      Okay, do tell me: what is the 5-10 target contraptions??! NEed to know these things! 😉

      Thanks for the comment girl! 🙂

    • Oh wow, that’s crazy just realized you go to the same school as my sister!

  2. We dont have a TJ here,boooo!!! because it looks so cool!! the nicest thing i tried this weekend was chicken with melty goats cheese and breadcrumbs-totally a winter comfort food!

    • I’m sorry you don’t have a target- you are definitely missing out! 😛
      Chkx and goat cheese and bread crumbs sounds so YUM, I absolutely ADORE goat cheese as I can’t do much cow dairy. It’s so good, sounds like yummmmy winter comfort food, for sure!!

  3. Oh I LOVE Target, it’s bad. There’s one like 5 min from my house and I go just because I’m bored….then blow like $100. Those slippers look so comfy, a lot like the UGG ones I used to wear with my HS uniform!!

    Best thing I did this weekend was eat dinner last night and watch the Phillies with my BF. Even though the lost, it was a relaxing night!

    • That is definitely dangerous 😛
      I watched the Phillies game last night too! Sounds like a fun, relaxing Saturday night!

  4. I waaaaay prefer shopping in stores! And my vegan mac and cheese at Curly’s last night was definitely the best thing I’ve eaten this weekend. Hey, that reminds me: I have leftovers!

  5. Ugh, I haven’t been to Target in so long! I didn’t get to see the Tucker for Target line in person and I’m afraid I missed out on the Mulberry for Target.

  6. I LOVE TARGET!!! hahah yes it does have a way of consuming me though haha I love the sales on gum, makeup, the keuirg coffee selection, the nutrition bars, they litterally sell everything one could need! And the cloths are for the most part very stylish!

    I prefer going into the store, browsing for me is half the fun!

  7. The target dollar bin is the best!

  8. Tar-jay is a dangerous dangerous place. But I like to think of things like pumpkin spice granola and candy corn as necessities in life. And that always makes me feel better about spluring on them.

    • Dangerous, dangerous indeed 😉
      Pumpkin spice granola sounds good, sign me up! 😀
      I love their trail mix.. its like almonds, pmk spc pecans, yogurt raisins… soooooooooo good!

  9. love me some tar jay!! need to try that trail mixxxxx!

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