Seasonal Eats.

Obviously tons of bloggers are on board with Seasonal eats and drinks. Enter pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin oats, pumpkin spice trail mix, Thanksgiving recipes, apple festivals, roasted veg galore, of course baked goods, even pumpkin spice tofu!
This morning I decided while I do love me some P-spice, I wasn’t in the mood. So, I opted for my usual coffee instead with my inch o steamed soy and half a pump of Bux’s other seasonal flavor: Mocha Toffee. It. Did. NOt. Dissapoint.

Starbucks mocha toffee

Other “seasonal” (okay only because there was a pumpkin on it, I really really just wanted some chocolate bread!) snack:

Farmer's Market chocolate bread w/ dark chocolate dreams or almond butter, with a candy corn 'garnish'!

Class class class work class study write class….

on and on and on!

Favorite seasonal eats? What do you have going on this week – school, work, travel, fun?


6 responses to “Seasonal Eats.

  1. haha you are adorable with your garnish!!!!!!!1

  2. I love the toast. Candy corn is the best.

    Fave seasonal eats = pumpkin oats and tea!!

    • I haven’t tried pumpkin oats – I don’t eat a lot of oats cause I don’t have a stove top and I feel they taste so much better that way – next time I’m home though, that’s def on the list!

      I’ve never been such a candy corn fan… until this year!! Love the c-corn pumpkins!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gotta love the bucks!! hehe hmm my favorite seasonal item would have to be anything apple for sure!!! ha and I do love me some starbucks creations =]
    Glad you’re doing well!! ❤

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