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I am Thankful.

This year I am thankful for many things.

My wonderful and supportive family,

My job and the opportunities it has provided me,

Being able to get a good college education,

For the travel I have been fortunate enough to do this year,

For good food,

For my friends, new and old,

For living in the beautiful and fun city I do,

..but for still being close enough to go home when I want (or need) to,

I am Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 ❤

What are you thankful for?

Snow Days!!

Guess who has had TWO snow days in a row?! Remember my last post, with promises of a snow day?? That’s right, no school (or work) for the last two days!!

It has been very nice, but cold!, to have the time off. Honestly, I do not love snow. Two years ago, we had a terrible snow storm, I had to drive in it, with my friend to get from her house, home.. Then, I was walking and I fell in the snow and broke my tail bone — so snow comes with painful memories for me! :/

It is pretty though!

Other than snow days x2…

I actually had class this morning, via internet! My journalism teacher arranged for us to all ‘phone in’ and listen to her live feed. At first I was kind of annoyed, but the subject matter was social media networking: blogging, twitter and Facebook. Kind of relevant, no? Interesting stuff, so I didn’t mind. Plus I got some packing / room cleaning done while I listened. 😉


And before “class,”

More Cereal! x2, at least!

I purchased this ah-mazing cereal from Trader Joe’s a while back, and just opened it!

This. is. addicting. Go buy it, now!

Trader Joe's Soy and Flax Clusters. It's like HOney bunches of oats but 4589 time better!!

Now packed, I’m off to brave the aisles of hit up Whole Foods for some last minute Thanksgiving ingredients before making the trek home.

My little sister is driving home today too, and my friends… I’m hoping with all this snow, we make it okay! Yikes!!


What’s the weather like for you? What is your Thanksgiving contribution, what does your Thanksgiving dinner look like??


I’ll be back later, from home!! ❤

Sushi, Scones & Snow!

I woke up to quite the sight this morning: Snow. And LOTS of it!

After a pretty normal weekend, weather-wise, I’m shocked at this random November blizzard that has. not. stopped. It has been snowing all day. Making getting to and from class interesting cold. and wet.

In addition to snow, this last week I have enjoyed sushi dates at my spot, not once, not twice but three times. That must be some kind of record… a personal accomplishment, for sure 😉 Dare I say though… I may be getting a little sick of sushi?

My sushi friend and I are making friends with some of the chefs there, as I mentioned last time. We get special treatment rolls…

Our special request roll - shrimp tempura and spicy tuna topped with eel!

I also took a guy date there, Saturday night. It was fun going with a Sushiland newbie 😉

In other news… school seems to be piling up on me, as the quarter nears its end. I am really trying to stay motivated and get a lot done this week so I can enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend and hang out with my sister who will be in town. Honestly, the snow is forcing me to stay put, which is probably a good thing 😉

I’m scheduled to work tomorrow, but we will see if that happens, right now I’m thinking driving in my little borrowed (my car is at home, being repaired) stick shift may not be the smartest thing..

Other eats (I do eat more than sushi and coffee 😉 ) have been delicious, though rather random and have included farmer’s market vegan cranberry pumpkin spice scone bread with pb and homemade blackberry jam,

This x2 !!

as well as the aforementioned coffee, of course,

Drip with a little drizzle of chocolate and steamed soy, and a mini sample of WF maple walnut cake, yes please! 😀

And again,

Speaking of, (since you know I am obsessed) I bought this vegan pumpkin spice scone from Whole Foods the other day, for a work pick-me up,

Whole Food's Vegan Scone!


Cranberry Pumpkin Spice!


And, another return of an old favorite, CIANJ! This was millet puffs, raw Pure Food & Wine’s crispies that I got in NYC, and some pmk spc trail mix in an almost-empty Nutella jar with almond milk and more of that homemade blackberry jam. No words.

CIANJ. No words.

Tonight for dinner, I took a cue from Gina and Diana’s recent grain/veg bowls, and made a stir-fry of sorts:

This had a mix of shrimp, squash and zucchini, mixed steamed veg and bbq fake meat,

I made mine upside-down style and topped it with the greens, and my favorite, Trader Joe’s thai peanut sauce.

Finally, tonight I pulled out my teapot when I got home. Lit candles and a hot cup of tea… not quite a bonfire, but it’ll do 😉

So I ask you…… any crazy weather in your neck-of-the-woods? Or are you lucky enough to live in sun year-round? A blizzard before Thanksgiving is definitely unusual for Seattle!! Do you like the snow?? I like it to an extent, it is pretty  – however, after breaking my tailbone in the snow a few years ago, I prefer dry, safe conditions!!

I post about pumpkin foods all the time, but wonder: What is the. best. pumpkin / pumpkin spice seasonal food/coffee/baked good/etc you have eaten this year??\

A Mountain of Work.

Monday night, after an amazing day in NYC with Gina and Gabriela, my plane was delayed and I ended up staying overnight in Salt Lake City. So, Tuesday morning, I flew home and went straight from the airport to my office, where this waiting for me…..

A [literal] mountain of work. Actually, that was the mountain after eight and a half hours of stuffing, packaging and taping those envelopes for our new employee branding project. And, that’s only seventy five percent of it. You have no idea how long packaging hundreds of coasters, key chain holders and post cards can take!

Last night I was very happy to return to yoga (yoggggggggggaaaaaaaaaa) after a long weekend away. My knee was still feelin a little sore from Monday’s fall, so I took it easy but enjoyed the ninety minute hot bikram style class.

Followed by,


Oh, raw fish, how I love thee 😀

I went with my good sushi-lovin friend, where we got plate after plate of the good stuff. I didn’t snap pics of all our plates (that would have been way too many), but here are a couple I did manage to get. We made friends with some of the sushi chefs who actually comped us a roll they were trying out for the first time,

Hot Sake!!

Seaweed Salad.


Flying Dragon Roll: Crab salad and shrimp tempura topped with ahi and sesame seeds! So yum!

Lovely food, lovely company.


I was full, but when I got home, I couldn’t help but break into the leftover cheesecake brownies and ice cream. Something about sushi (salty?) always makes me crave sweet!

Another dessert bowl!!


Looks like mush, tasted delish!

Plus maybe a few more bites straight out of the carton 😛

This was cheesecake brownie pieces topped with vanilla and strawberry ice cream and some random marshmellow cereal pieces – craving averted! 😀

 Crashed out early (still on EC time?) ….but woke up a few hours later with a stomach ache. I don’t know if it was the sake or sushi or brownies… but I didn’t feel too hot. Rolled over and slept until my alarm went off, and now, back at work, finishing my packaging project.


pumpkin spice coffee with soy and a satsuma


Caramel Macciato biscotti from random purchase, the other night at the airport, we got meal vouchers I had to use, and when my coffee order in the airport yesterday morning rang up short, I threw this in. It was pretty sweet, but good!

With snacks of course 😉 And, leftovers!

 Tonight the agenda includes a trip to Target, and the mall to run a few errands. I have a lot of school work looming over my head, and with Thanksgiving next week and plans this weekend, I should also probably get started on that!

 Have a great night everyone! ❤

Musing: Starbucks: Are you a fan?I know most all of us can appreciate their pumpkin spice, but to be honest, up until this fall, I haven’t really liked them. As a Seattleite, I appreciate, real, strong coffee which I never thought they had. I never really buy their pastries – I have been known to sample them when offered – but I picked up this biscotti because I had a meal voucher I had to use up, in the airport the other morning. I still think most of their pastries are overly sweet but I do appreciate their healthier alternatives they (dried fruits and nuts, subbing soy milk in frapaccinos, etc) they have been offering.

Do you like Starbucks? What is your food and drink of choice, have you “perfected” your order?

 Do you have (school or other) work to do over the Thanksgiving weekend, or are you going to try to just relax and take the time off?


Win some loungewear from Erin Braxton in my girl GC’s giveaway!

See Erin Braxton loungewear here!

Indian Food, Lululemon, Friends and the City!

What a day – what a weekend!

Spent doing some of my favorite things, in my favorite city, Gabriela, Gina and I had a fabulous time chatting, shopping, eating and exploring New York together today! I have met them both before (and Gabriela was my HLS roommate), but of course it was great to see them again and catch up!

We started with a lovely lunch at this Indian restaurant on Curry Hill,

We feasted on some amazing, authentic and spicy Indian food! Sharing is always fun: you get to try more! Also fun? Dining with fellow bloggers that appreciate similar [spicy] taste! 😉

We walked to Union Square where we all bought Lululemon jackets,


Mirror Street Shot!

Wandered through Whole Foods and the Monday Farmer’s Market, and continued our foodie fest with a trip to One Lucky Duck. I had never been, so I was excited with these fun finds.


Fresh juice, cinna - crispies, almond butter cup ice cream

Almond butter cup ice cream? All raw and vegan, who would’ve thought?? 


We said our goodbyes, I totally ate it on the Penn Station platform, may need to get my knee xrayed tomorrow 😦 raced to catch the train and made it to the airport. Enter a one and a half hour delay later, I’m now a mile high in the sky, blogging via in-flight WiFi. Not gonna lie, I am NOT looking forward to a late arrival and early morning wake up call for work tomorrow!

It was such a great weekend full of friends – old and new – family, fun, good eats, memories…

Thanks to Gina and Gabriela for the stolen *borrowed* pictures from today – I have my own to show you but my camera and cord are currently stowed away in the overhead bins. 😉

Best thing you ate / saw / did today? Indian food, New York City and blog friends – I don’t think I can beat that! 😉 Ever fallen on a train platform? I’m usually not clumsy but I’m sad to say this wasn’t the first time I’ve come face to face *pun intended* with this particular platform!

Good night friends!

❤ Jaclyn


Weekend in Oregon!

Currently in Philadelphia, visiting my older sister for the weekend, but I wanted to recap and share my train trip down to Oregon..


Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking the train down to Eugene, OR to visit my little sister at her college.

Downtown Eugene.

It was a big college football weekend, with a game between her school, and mine. Quite the venue to bring  our inner rivalry! us together for the weekend.


Friday night, we got in to the train station around 5. Hayley surprised us by meeting us there, we dropped our bags off and got checked in to the hotel, and were off to dinner.

We went to a local spot: Turtle’s Bar and Grill. The wait was long! This place was bumpin’ on a Friday night, even before 6:00!

Inside the restaurant. Loved the interior!

Check out the decorations…


We shared a great meal of humus and pita, fresh salads with veggies and beans to start, and I got a great tofu and vegetable (spicy) stir fry. It was a great meal!

Friday night, I went back to see her dorm, and hang out with some other friends in town for the weekend’s festivities..



Saturday, we went to Eugene’s Saturday Market (where my sister bought me that gorgeous ring a few weeks ago). Very much like my favorite Farmer’s Market, but much, much bigger! I very ecclectic, Oregonian feel, too! Tons of fresh produce vendors, art, and baked goods 😀

Goat Cheese!

After sampling some of the goods, I opted for a cup of this delicious carrot-ginger soup. It was made with coconut milk and spicy ginger. This was the best soup I have had in a long time!

Carrot-Ginger Soup.

We wanted to get something special to commemorate the weekend..

Jewelry designed from vintage silverware.

Love it! 😀

Soon, we were on our way to the game to drop my parents off at the game – they had tickets (via friends who were going), we didn’t!

It was okay though, we met up with friends and spent the afternoon romping around the U of O campus. 😀

Color Wars: Purple > Yellow! Dawgs > Ducks!!! 😉

Needless to say…. we got creamed. :O Probably a good thing I didn’t watch.


Our afternoon adventures consisted of touring campus,


Sisterly LOVE ❤

So seasonal here! The leaves and trees - so much more 'fall' than Seattle!

playing in the enemy teams campus bookstore,

and, finding frozen yogurt!! It’s been so long since I’ve had fro yo, and I adore self-serve places!..

Spotted: Self-serve Frozen Yogurt!!

Look at all the flavors! Had to try 'em all, of course! 😉

Okay, maybe I love self-serve a little too much. I went a little flavor and topping crazy… but, they had PUMPKIN! and CAKE BATTER. and COOKIES AND CREAM. Catch my drift? When in Rome Eugene Self-Serve Heaven…

Cake batter, cookies and cream, pumpkin, chocolate, vanilla, cheesecake flavors topped with mochi, reeses pieces, a little graham crackers, cookie dough bite... I don't play favorites. Nor do I waste room on original flavor or fruit toppings in times like these. 😉


Met back up with my parents later for dinner… we had SUSHI! [Definitely a good foodie weekend!] at a local place. Hello, Seaweed salad! Also got a couple o rolls to share and I had a bite of sashimi.

Such a fun weekend, reminded me of the mini “family vacation” we took earlier this year, during the summer. Only missing, my big sister!

What are you doing this weekend?

Favorite last-minute weekend getaway??

Tugs & Trains & Sushi x2.

Wow wow wow! I have been busaaaaaaay!

Many fun things have been going down & fun stuff coming up! This weekend I went to visit my sister (full post recap to come!), and next week I’m flying to the other side of the country to visit my other sister!

We took the train - a fun way to travel!

I love the inside of the Portland train station, had to get off for a few minutes to buy a magazine to pass the time stretch my legs,

Portland Train Station.

Last week was the same school, study, work, classes, yoga, etc etc you normally see here. I had TWO exams Wednesday (hence my lack of regular posting) but I did get to Sushiland x2 !! with friends. LOVE my conveyor-belt sushi!

My favorite, conveyor belt sushi!

Do. Work.

Many study snacks consumed, including lots of on-the-go eats. I did make a discovery:

Pears!!! Purchased on the fly at TJs, delicious, why have I not had these in so long?!

Had another one today, a la undergraduate library!

Other snacks..

This vegan cookie that I'm actually eating right now, was given to me at Trader Joes - a customer gave a bunch to an employee there - cool! (And tasty, tastes like a cinnomon sugar cookie with raisins, can't even tell it's vegan!)

Salad at work, topped with Amy's Tamale bowl. Hot tamale & cold salad = great combo!


Another WF salad bar - lots of veg, tofu and random salad bar pickings - the toppings are hiding 😉

Train food, SO good: a veggie omelet (I was craving eggs!) and side o fruit (and coffee) I got yesterday at the hotel's bfast, before getting on the train.

Last week, I got to do a fun tug ride at work. I was a little apprehensive (I get sea sick) but it ended up being really fun and a gorgeous warm fall day, so it was fun  being on the water (and getting paid for it 😉 )

The Tug I rode.

Seattle background!

On a Tug (boat) 😀

As I mentioned, this Thursday I am leaving for Philedephia and New York City, so this week will be a fly-by week! I’m working tomorrow all day, we have an indoor golf tournament I have been planning – should be fun! I also have school papers & articles looming Yoga and cleaning the studio tonight, my Monday meeting, and reading assignments galore…..- I need to stay on top of things to make sure I get everything done and don’t have too much work to do next weekend!

I am really hoping to do a blogger meetup in NYC next weekend. I would love, love to try one of the ah-mazing veg restaurants the city has to offer. Any NY bloggers, shoot me an email if you are interested in a meet-up!!

Last but not least, to everyone who went to Foodbuzz this weekend, you KNOW I am jealous and definitely kept up… hope you all had an amazing time (looks like it!) I will definitely be there next year, that’s for sure!!!!

❤ Jac

What did you do this weekend? Did you go to Foodbuzz? Next year, I am there! 😀 😀

Best thing you saw / did / ate this weekend? We had a fabulous sushi dinner with my sister, Saturday night. That, and some late-night drive-through Dairy Queen later that night, necessary after a night of jello and tequila shots fun! 😉 The leaves and trees were beautiful where we were. But of course, the highlight for me was seeing and hanging out with my sister!

Have you taken the train before? Like / dislike? I liked it, it was long, but I liked being able to walk around the cars and sit at tables – not something you can do on an airplane!

Take care everyone, have a great start-to-your-week!