November 1st!

Another month of 2010 down, another month that flew by.  Hello, November!!
After trying another seasonal flavor last week, (toffee mocha,) I realized I was craving some pumpkin spice back in my life this morning…






starbs free samples! 😉



What did you do for Halloween this weekend? Best costumes you saw / wore?? I was Madonna this weekend, it started out as a witch – but no hat – then I was going to be Sandi from Greece, but no jacket… so I threw together what I did have (belt, boots, etc) and Madonna was born!

It was such a busy, fun, jam packed weekend– Game (we lost 😦 ), Halloween party Friday night, hanging out with a guy friend Saturday (we watched Taken, SO GOOOOD, SOOOOOO SCARY!), that last night was actually pretty low-key, made a Target run, some errands, laundry, catching up on school… but I did love seeing all the little kids running around in their Halloween get ups! 😉

And this week will be busy as well! Two exams Wednesday, my usual work Tues/Thurs and Friday morning I’ll stop in the office, but then I’m off to Eugene for the weekend to watch the Huskies lose visit my sister! So excited, let the countdown begin!

Happy November everyone!!!

Best scary movie you’ve seen lately? Highlight of your weekend or month of October??

 Not lovin’ this Northwest fall / rain, as evidenced by whipping out these bad boys today…


2 responses to “November 1st!

  1. Hey!! I just found your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it! I am currently struggling with an ed (and am a soon to be university student) and it is so inspiring to see someone with such a healthy outlook towards life! Thanks again and I hope to get to know you more 🙂

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