Tugs & Trains & Sushi x2.

Wow wow wow! I have been busaaaaaaay!

Many fun things have been going down & fun stuff coming up! This weekend I went to visit my sister (full post recap to come!), and next week I’m flying to the other side of the country to visit my other sister!

We took the train - a fun way to travel!

I love the inside of the Portland train station, had to get off for a few minutes to buy a magazine to pass the time stretch my legs,

Portland Train Station.

Last week was the same school, study, work, classes, yoga, etc etc you normally see here. I had TWO exams Wednesday (hence my lack of regular posting) but I did get to Sushiland x2 !! with friends. LOVE my conveyor-belt sushi!

My favorite, conveyor belt sushi!

Do. Work.

Many study snacks consumed, including lots of on-the-go eats. I did make a discovery:

Pears!!! Purchased on the fly at TJs, delicious, why have I not had these in so long?!

Had another one today, a la undergraduate library!

Other snacks..

This vegan cookie that I'm actually eating right now, was given to me at Trader Joes - a customer gave a bunch to an employee there - cool! (And tasty, tastes like a cinnomon sugar cookie with raisins, can't even tell it's vegan!)

Salad at work, topped with Amy's Tamale bowl. Hot tamale & cold salad = great combo!


Another WF salad bar - lots of veg, tofu and random salad bar pickings - the toppings are hiding 😉

Train food, SO good: a veggie omelet (I was craving eggs!) and side o fruit (and coffee) I got yesterday at the hotel's bfast, before getting on the train.

Last week, I got to do a fun tug ride at work. I was a little apprehensive (I get sea sick) but it ended up being really fun and a gorgeous warm fall day, so it was fun  being on the water (and getting paid for it 😉 )

The Tug I rode.

Seattle background!

On a Tug (boat) 😀

As I mentioned, this Thursday I am leaving for Philedephia and New York City, so this week will be a fly-by week! I’m working tomorrow all day, we have an indoor golf tournament I have been planning – should be fun! I also have school papers & articles looming Yoga and cleaning the studio tonight, my Monday meeting, and reading assignments galore…..- I need to stay on top of things to make sure I get everything done and don’t have too much work to do next weekend!

I am really hoping to do a blogger meetup in NYC next weekend. I would love, love to try one of the ah-mazing veg restaurants the city has to offer. Any NY bloggers, shoot me an email if you are interested in a meet-up!!

Last but not least, to everyone who went to Foodbuzz this weekend, you KNOW I am jealous and definitely kept up… hope you all had an amazing time (looks like it!) I will definitely be there next year, that’s for sure!!!!

❤ Jac

What did you do this weekend? Did you go to Foodbuzz? Next year, I am there! 😀 😀

Best thing you saw / did / ate this weekend? We had a fabulous sushi dinner with my sister, Saturday night. That, and some late-night drive-through Dairy Queen later that night, necessary after a night of jello and tequila shots fun! 😉 The leaves and trees were beautiful where we were. But of course, the highlight for me was seeing and hanging out with my sister!

Have you taken the train before? Like / dislike? I liked it, it was long, but I liked being able to walk around the cars and sit at tables – not something you can do on an airplane!

Take care everyone, have a great start-to-your-week!


3 responses to “Tugs & Trains & Sushi x2.

  1. I could try to come to your meet-up hun! If you need any suggestions on where to have it, feel free to e-mail me!

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