Weekend in Oregon!

Currently in Philadelphia, visiting my older sister for the weekend, but I wanted to recap and share my train trip down to Oregon..


Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking the train down to Eugene, OR to visit my little sister at her college.

Downtown Eugene.

It was a big college football weekend, with a game between her school, and mine. Quite the venue to bringΒ  our inner rivalry! us together for the weekend.


Friday night, we got in to the train station around 5. Hayley surprised us by meeting us there, we dropped our bags off and got checked in to the hotel, and were off to dinner.

We went to a local spot: Turtle’s Bar and Grill. The wait was long! This place was bumpin’ on a Friday night, even before 6:00!

Inside the restaurant. Loved the interior!

Check out the decorations…


We shared a great meal of humus and pita, fresh salads with veggies and beans to start, and I got a great tofu and vegetable (spicy) stir fry. It was a great meal!

Friday night, I went back to see her dorm, and hang out with some other friends in town for the weekend’s festivities..



Saturday, we went to Eugene’s Saturday Market (where my sister bought me that gorgeous ring a few weeks ago). Very much like my favorite Farmer’s Market, but much, much bigger! I very ecclectic, Oregonian feel, too! Tons of fresh produce vendors, art, and baked goods πŸ˜€

Goat Cheese!

After sampling some of the goods, I opted for a cup of this delicious carrot-ginger soup. It was made with coconut milk and spicy ginger. This was the best soup I have had in a long time!

Carrot-Ginger Soup.

We wanted to get something special to commemorate the weekend..

Jewelry designed from vintage silverware.

Love it! πŸ˜€

Soon, we were on our way to the game to drop my parents off at the game – they had tickets (via friends who were going), we didn’t!

It was okay though, we met up with friends and spent the afternoon romping around the U of O campus. πŸ˜€

Color Wars: Purple > Yellow! Dawgs > Ducks!!! πŸ˜‰

Needless to say…. we got creamed. :O Probably a good thing I didn’t watch.


Our afternoon adventures consisted of touring campus,


Sisterly LOVE ❀

So seasonal here! The leaves and trees - so much more 'fall' than Seattle!

playing in the enemy teams campus bookstore,

and, finding frozen yogurt!! It’s been so long since I’ve had fro yo, and I adore self-serve places!..

Spotted: Self-serve Frozen Yogurt!!

Look at all the flavors! Had to try 'em all, of course! πŸ˜‰

Okay, maybe I love self-serve a little too much. I went a little flavor and topping crazy… but, they had PUMPKIN! and CAKE BATTER. and COOKIES AND CREAM. Catch my drift? When in Rome Eugene Self-Serve Heaven…

Cake batter, cookies and cream, pumpkin, chocolate, vanilla, cheesecake flavors topped with mochi, reeses pieces, a little graham crackers, cookie dough bite... I don't play favorites. Nor do I waste room on original flavor or fruit toppings in times like these. πŸ˜‰


Met back up with my parents later for dinner… we had SUSHI! [Definitely a good foodie weekend!] at a local place. Hello, Seaweed salad! Also got a couple o rolls to share and I had a bite of sashimi.

Such a fun weekend, reminded me of the mini “family vacation” we took earlier this year, during the summer. Only missing, my big sister!

What are you doing this weekend?

Favorite last-minute weekend getaway??


8 responses to “Weekend in Oregon!

  1. Sounds like a fab trip!!! with some great food πŸ™‚ i wish my sis was at that age where spending time with ur older sis as “cool”, ive a couple of years to wait yet.

    • Yeah, I ❀ my sisters, it definitely took us a while to get there – but you will too, I'm sure. Now that we are older, it seems like the three of us are much more "friends". Probably also helps that we live on opposite ends of the country so that kind of forces us to put more time and effort into not fighting when we actually DO see each other ;)!

  2. Heyy girl! I remember you from HLS but I never knew your name or your blog! Nice to finally find you!

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