Indian Food, Lululemon, Friends and the City!

What a day – what a weekend!

Spent doing some of my favorite things, in my favorite city, Gabriela, Gina and I had a fabulous time chatting, shopping, eating and exploring New York together today! I have met them both before (and Gabriela was my HLS roommate), but of course it was great to see them again and catch up!

We started with a lovely lunch at this Indian restaurant on Curry Hill,

We feasted on some amazing, authentic and spicy Indian food! Sharing is always fun: you get to try more! Also fun? Dining with fellow bloggers that appreciate similar [spicy] taste! 😉

We walked to Union Square where we all bought Lululemon jackets,


Mirror Street Shot!

Wandered through Whole Foods and the Monday Farmer’s Market, and continued our foodie fest with a trip to One Lucky Duck. I had never been, so I was excited with these fun finds.


Fresh juice, cinna - crispies, almond butter cup ice cream

Almond butter cup ice cream? All raw and vegan, who would’ve thought?? 


We said our goodbyes, I totally ate it on the Penn Station platform, may need to get my knee xrayed tomorrow 😦 raced to catch the train and made it to the airport. Enter a one and a half hour delay later, I’m now a mile high in the sky, blogging via in-flight WiFi. Not gonna lie, I am NOT looking forward to a late arrival and early morning wake up call for work tomorrow!

It was such a great weekend full of friends – old and new – family, fun, good eats, memories…

Thanks to Gina and Gabriela for the stolen *borrowed* pictures from today – I have my own to show you but my camera and cord are currently stowed away in the overhead bins. 😉

Best thing you ate / saw / did today? Indian food, New York City and blog friends – I don’t think I can beat that! 😉 Ever fallen on a train platform? I’m usually not clumsy but I’m sad to say this wasn’t the first time I’ve come face to face *pun intended* with this particular platform!

Good night friends!

❤ Jaclyn



10 responses to “Indian Food, Lululemon, Friends and the City!

  1. Best thing I ate?: Chocolate macaroooonss!!
    Best thing I saw : The sky at night is awesome at this time of year-clear with stars and a bright moon
    I love NY!!! wish i could jump on a plane there right now! argh, 7 hours and a lotta $$$ later-could be a possibility??!!! I WISH!!!

    • Yum, chocolate macaroooons! I actually saw some at One Lucky Duck yesterday, and was very tempted to buy ’em but ended up going with the cinnamon crispies… I am getting very into coconut recently though – would love to make some myself! Did you make them or buy??

      I love NY too! Trust me, I understand your pain being far away from it – I am on the opposite coast so it’s not exactly like I get there often! One day perhaps the two of us can have a bloggie meetup there!! 😀

  2. gina (fitnessista)

    loved hanging out with you this weekend!!
    hope to see you again soon 🙂

  3. Hi girlie 🙂 Just found your blog. I love your hair it’s such a beautiful color! And that nan looks SO good!

  4. the Indian Food looks really tempting.

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