A Mountain of Work.

Monday night, after an amazing day in NYC with Gina and Gabriela, my plane was delayed and I ended up staying overnight in Salt Lake City. So, Tuesday morning, I flew home and went straight from the airport to my office, where this waiting for me…..

A [literal] mountain of work. Actually, that was the mountain after eight and a half hours of stuffing, packaging and taping those envelopes for our new employee branding project. And, that’s only seventy five percent of it. You have no idea how long packaging hundreds of coasters, key chain holders and post cards can take!

Last night I was very happy to return to yoga (yoggggggggggaaaaaaaaaa) after a long weekend away. My knee was still feelin a little sore from Monday’s fall, so I took it easy but enjoyed the ninety minute hot bikram style class.

Followed by,


Oh, raw fish, how I love thee 😀

I went with my good sushi-lovin friend, where we got plate after plate of the good stuff. I didn’t snap pics of all our plates (that would have been way too many), but here are a couple I did manage to get. We made friends with some of the sushi chefs who actually comped us a roll they were trying out for the first time,

Hot Sake!!

Seaweed Salad.


Flying Dragon Roll: Crab salad and shrimp tempura topped with ahi and sesame seeds! So yum!

Lovely food, lovely company.


I was full, but when I got home, I couldn’t help but break into the leftover cheesecake brownies and ice cream. Something about sushi (salty?) always makes me crave sweet!

Another dessert bowl!!


Looks like mush, tasted delish!

Plus maybe a few more bites straight out of the carton 😛

This was cheesecake brownie pieces topped with vanilla and strawberry ice cream and some random marshmellow cereal pieces – craving averted! 😀

 Crashed out early (still on EC time?) ….but woke up a few hours later with a stomach ache. I don’t know if it was the sake or sushi or brownies… but I didn’t feel too hot. Rolled over and slept until my alarm went off, and now, back at work, finishing my packaging project.


pumpkin spice coffee with soy and a satsuma


Caramel Macciato biscotti from Bux...total random purchase, the other night at the airport, we got meal vouchers I had to use, and when my coffee order in the airport yesterday morning rang up short, I threw this in. It was pretty sweet, but good!

With snacks of course 😉 And, leftovers!

 Tonight the agenda includes a trip to Target, and the mall to run a few errands. I have a lot of school work looming over my head, and with Thanksgiving next week and plans this weekend, I should also probably get started on that!

 Have a great night everyone! ❤

Musing: Starbucks: Are you a fan?I know most all of us can appreciate their pumpkin spice, but to be honest, up until this fall, I haven’t really liked them. As a Seattleite, I appreciate, real, strong coffee which I never thought they had. I never really buy their pastries – I have been known to sample them when offered – but I picked up this biscotti because I had a meal voucher I had to use up, in the airport the other morning. I still think most of their pastries are overly sweet but I do appreciate their healthier alternatives they (dried fruits and nuts, subbing soy milk in frapaccinos, etc) they have been offering.

Do you like Starbucks? What is your food and drink of choice, have you “perfected” your order?

 Do you have (school or other) work to do over the Thanksgiving weekend, or are you going to try to just relax and take the time off?


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2 responses to “A Mountain of Work.

  1. i love sbux and their xmas cups 🙂 i always get tazo tea with honey and milk, or a soy chai latte when im feeling adveturous, f xx

  2. LOVE sushi!!!!!! I know you know this already ! Love how you get just as excited as me!!!

    Miss u love!!!

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