Sushi, Scones & Snow!

I woke up to quite the sight this morning: Snow. And LOTS of it!

After a pretty normal weekend, weather-wise, I’m shocked at this random November blizzard that has. not. stopped. It has been snowing all day. Making getting to and from class interesting cold. and wet.

In addition to snow, this last week I have enjoyed sushi dates at my spot, not once, not twice but three times. That must be some kind of record… a personal accomplishment, for sure 😉 Dare I say though… I may be getting a little sick of sushi?

My sushi friend and I are making friends with some of the chefs there, as I mentioned last time. We get special treatment rolls…

Our special request roll - shrimp tempura and spicy tuna topped with eel!

I also took a guy date there, Saturday night. It was fun going with a Sushiland newbie 😉

In other news… school seems to be piling up on me, as the quarter nears its end. I am really trying to stay motivated and get a lot done this week so I can enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend and hang out with my sister who will be in town. Honestly, the snow is forcing me to stay put, which is probably a good thing 😉

I’m scheduled to work tomorrow, but we will see if that happens, right now I’m thinking driving in my little borrowed (my car is at home, being repaired) stick shift may not be the smartest thing..

Other eats (I do eat more than sushi and coffee 😉 ) have been delicious, though rather random and have included farmer’s market vegan cranberry pumpkin spice scone bread with pb and homemade blackberry jam,

This x2 !!

as well as the aforementioned coffee, of course,

Drip with a little drizzle of chocolate and steamed soy, and a mini sample of WF maple walnut cake, yes please! 😀

And again,

Speaking of, (since you know I am obsessed) I bought this vegan pumpkin spice scone from Whole Foods the other day, for a work pick-me up,

Whole Food's Vegan Scone!


Cranberry Pumpkin Spice!


And, another return of an old favorite, CIANJ! This was millet puffs, raw Pure Food & Wine’s crispies that I got in NYC, and some pmk spc trail mix in an almost-empty Nutella jar with almond milk and more of that homemade blackberry jam. No words.

CIANJ. No words.

Tonight for dinner, I took a cue from Gina and Diana’s recent grain/veg bowls, and made a stir-fry of sorts:

This had a mix of shrimp, squash and zucchini, mixed steamed veg and bbq fake meat,

I made mine upside-down style and topped it with the greens, and my favorite, Trader Joe’s thai peanut sauce.

Finally, tonight I pulled out my teapot when I got home. Lit candles and a hot cup of tea… not quite a bonfire, but it’ll do 😉

So I ask you…… any crazy weather in your neck-of-the-woods? Or are you lucky enough to live in sun year-round? A blizzard before Thanksgiving is definitely unusual for Seattle!! Do you like the snow?? I like it to an extent, it is pretty  – however, after breaking my tailbone in the snow a few years ago, I prefer dry, safe conditions!!

I post about pumpkin foods all the time, but wonder: What is the. best. pumpkin / pumpkin spice seasonal food/coffee/baked good/etc you have eaten this year??\


9 responses to “Sushi, Scones & Snow!


  2. Crazy that it snowed already!! It’s in the 60s here, so weird. I ODed on sushi last year and though I still like it, it’s definitely not my favorite food anymore!!

  3. Jealous of your winter wonderland! Ahhh! And the sushi, of course! Sushi has to be one of the most delicious foods in the world 😉

  4. Beautiful snow..and sushi!! It was like 70 today haha.

  5. omgosh that snwo gets me sooo excited for the first big snowfall! then i’m usually over it and ready for warmer weather 🙂

    have a wonderful night beautiful!

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