Snow Days!!

Guess who has had TWO snow days in a row?! Remember my last post, with promises of a snow day?? That’s right, no school (or work) for the last two days!!

It has been very nice, but cold!, to have the time off. Honestly, I do not love snow. Two years ago, we had a terrible snow storm, I had to drive in it, with my friend to get from her house, home.. Then, I was walking and I fell in the snow and broke my tail bone — so snow comes with painful memories for me! :/

It is pretty though!

Other than snow days x2…

I actually had class this morning, via internet! My journalism teacher arranged for us to all ‘phone in’ and listen to her live feed. At first I was kind of annoyed, but the subject matter was social media networking: blogging, twitter and Facebook. Kind of relevant, no? Interesting stuff, so I didn’t mind. Plus I got some packing / room cleaning done while I listened. 😉


And before “class,”

More Cereal! x2, at least!

I purchased this ah-mazing cereal from Trader Joe’s a while back, and just opened it!

This. is. addicting. Go buy it, now!

Trader Joe's Soy and Flax Clusters. It's like HOney bunches of oats but 4589 time better!!

Now packed, I’m off to brave the aisles of hit up Whole Foods for some last minute Thanksgiving ingredients before making the trek home.

My little sister is driving home today too, and my friends… I’m hoping with all this snow, we make it okay! Yikes!!


What’s the weather like for you? What is your Thanksgiving contribution, what does your Thanksgiving dinner look like??


I’ll be back later, from home!! ❤


2 responses to “Snow Days!!

  1. One word- COLD!! Xx


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