Sitting, waiting, wishing..

I was sitting, waitin, wishin…

…For the library to open!

Sitting outside the library. Let us in!

I really just wanted to check in.. it’s been far too long since I have last posted. I have been SO busy with finals and everything..

About to go knock out among three big, huge culminating projects I have this weekend, a twelve page paper. Oooooooooopphhh, wish me luck!

I will try and post a recap tonight or tomorrow from T(of)urkey Day and recent happenings *there are some good ones, I’m dying to share ;)*!

Until then; peace love and yoga!

Yoga to the People!

^^saw this yesterday and was soooooooo excited! Yoga to the People is amazing and I can’t believe they are opening a studio in my neighborhood! Can’t wait to try it!!

❤ Jac

Are you in the throws of finals and final papers / projects?


3 responses to “Sitting, waiting, wishing..

  1. good luck my dear!!!

    i’ve got two weeks left myself– lets get er done

  2. We can doooooooooo it :D!

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