My Life.

My life right now has been overtaken by finals. While my school’s techincal final exam week is next week, unfortunately for me, mine is this week. My checklist:

  • Cultural Codes of Communication: Final Exam –done last Wednesday!
  • Journalism culminating group project: Gluten free article and video –sumitted yesterday!!
  • a 10-12 page literary analysis of Joy Luck Club –almost done, due tomorrow!!

  • Communication Media Effects class – 10 page group research project  –also due tomorrow!!
  • Media Effects final – tomorrow!!!


So, as you can see, my life (among work, yoga, yoga volunteering and a few lone social things) has consisted of group meetings, paper writing and library living.. However, it really is the final countdown. Tomorrow night, I am free. Weeeeeeeeeee. 😀

At the library, coffee and a free frozen yogurt sample..

…with a side of fitnessista 😉

In other news…

Last week, I went on a really fun date. More on that to come! 😉


Our special request roll - shrimp tempura and spicy tuna topped with eel!


Tomorrow night, I’m taking him to my sushi spot, as a surprise!! Something to look forward to, to get me through tomorrow!!


What was the best thing to happen to you this week?

Have you read Joy Luck Club?


9 responses to “My Life.

  1. Good luck with finals! Have fun on your date!

  2. Eee congrats on submitting your journalism final! mine is due on thurs @ midnight! (nervous!)…I have read the joy luck club and watched the movie — I definitely enjoy amy tan, but she hasn’t written anything recently!
    What do you plan on doing after graduating?

  3. Ughhhh I cannot WAIT for finals to be over :/ Good luck with yours!!

  4. Thank you!!
    Same to you Gab!! When are you done? 😀

  5. ok he is a keeper already in my book if he likes sushi!!! hehehe! First question I asked Mike when we first talked on the phone was if he liked sushi, and when he said he loves it, I knew I was going to marry him! lol!

    I need deets on this guy! He better be worthy! love u!

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