Done with Finals, Hello Winter Break!!

Guess what??!


I’m donnnnnneeeeeeeee!!!!! WEEEEeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Done with fall quarter classes! Remember that checklist of all those projects, papers and finals? Crossed the last (two) papers and final off this afternoon. Hello Winter break!!

So just what have I been up to? Well, in between working, classes and studying I have been quite busy lately! Have been grabbing go-to, easy snacks;

Some healthy ones…

Salad snack.

Salad and leftover egg scramble

Millet puffs with TJ's freeze dried bloobs and almond milk. x2.

Homemade vegetable and squash ginger soup I made, froze and reheated to eat at work - SO good, recipe to come!

 *I was in a town over from me, Sunday afternoon, meeting with a woman I am going to be house/child sitting for next week. After we got done, I sniffed out their local Whole Foods, as I do…. and made some awesome finds!! 😀

Self-made trail mix!! THis was so cool, a brand new-to-me Whole Foods featured a make-your-own trail mix bar, so when I was there I put this together: almond, cashew, candied ginger, a few raisins and crans, dark chooclate and carob chips and a few dried dates – had for bfast at work the other morning, yum!
And, some not so healthy eats (but tis’ the season, right??)…

Cookies & Brownies galore have been everywhere!..

At work last week, someone brought in mini pb cookies with reeses' good I ate two!

The other night, at Whole Foods, a woman in the bakery gifted me this whole vegan, soy nog scone! Amazing.

It was too good. I ate half, immediately got a stomach ache, and then ate the rest of the frosting off the top later lol! 🙂

Last week, as mentioned, I had a daaaaaaaaate… It was fun. He took me to this awesome jazz lounge. We got some swaaankay drinks, listened to music and had a blast.

I wore..

All black. Shirt and high-waisted skirt. Plus heels! *he's tall 😉 *


Earlier last week, I went to a friend’s house for dinner! She made us kidney bean and sweet potato tacos that were seriously out of this world good and some zucchini cakes. Yum! I brought a bottle of two three buck chuck.. classy like that 😉

Then we got to work on this..

Homemade sugar free peach jello shots. Oh yes we did.

Jello shots a la glass!

The other night, I got home late from the library. I was so grateful to see this fun care package waiting for me!

Care package from mommy!

It was stuffed with lots of goodies!,

The loot: orange, bars, candy and ca$h (plus contact lenses that I desparately was in need of!)

Off to work, and tonight……. who knows?!

So nice to not have “school things” looming. I know this weekend will have to involve lots of rest and relaxation Christmas shopping! <–Again, tis’ the season!!

❤ Happy Thursday!!

Best care package contents? From who??

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?!


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4 responses to “Done with Finals, Hello Winter Break!!

  1. Isn’t it so weird to feel like you’ve nothing to do after so much time studying! Enjoy the relief and free time girlie! Best stuff to get in a care pack? Some chocolate, money, tea, honey and photograph/letter-it means most when it’s from someone special. Happy holidays! Xxxp

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