Tea and Toast.

That’s about all I can handle right now!

Just Toast. Half a sandwich thin with a little almond butter and jam.

I got food poisoning.

Yesterday at work, I had some leftovers and let’s just say… they didn’t agree with me. I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening sick. Really sick. Wasn’t sure I was going to make it to work today, but I am actually feeling much better.. thank God this happened after finals!!

In other news, my litte sister is done with finals, got home last night and may come over to see me today! Fun!

Have you ever gotten food poisoning? Did it lead to food aversions? <–I’m thinking this may be the case for me!

Plans for the weekend?!


Happy Friday!


6 responses to “Tea and Toast.

  1. I will never touch a chicken burger Ever again! Ever! Ever ever ever! Inhooe you feel in tip top shape soon hun!! Xx

  2. Oh my goodness 😦 Feel better girlie! But, yes, thank goodness it happened after finals 😦 I’ve had bad reactions to foods, but not a food poisoning recently thank god (knock of wood).

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your pain… I got food poisoning earlier this year and it was one of the worst things ever.

    • Yes it is worst ever – just glad it was AFTER my finals and everything!!
      Thank you for your well wishes!

      How did the final journalism appl go?!

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