Company Holiday Potluck!

Hey heyyy hey, Happy er, it’s Monday ;).. That’s okay though, today at work we had I organized a company holiday potluck lunch/party. No pictures but imagine tons and tons of food (a long conference table full!) and another whole conference room just for desserts. Let’s see… there were tons of different kinds of meat balls, pulled meats, sandwiches, wraps, dips, pastas, pasta salads, spinach and feta salad, cheese and cracker platter (I brought that), spanikopita, African carrots (<–my favorite, and vegan too!), shrimpies, a sushi platter (!), some enchilada casserole… and MORE. Seriously, there was. so. much. food.

And the dessert.. oh, the desserts! There was everything: brownies, cakes, gingerbread cake, cheesecake, red velvet, apple pie, cranberry cheesecake pie, cookies galore, lemon poundcake, vegan chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate graham crust (!!) and so. much. more. Seriously, that probably wasn’t half of what was served.

Suffice it to say.. I have  a bit of a sugar coma buzz high.

Has been a productive day at work though! Lots of projects checked off! 😉



Now.. not that I’m going to be hungry ever again in the next few hours or anything, but I’m planning to go to my fav sushi place with my fav sushi buddy tonight. Fun!


In other news…

Yesterday continued the “take care of fractured little sister and veg” fest of a weekend I had. Including butnotlimitedto,

Leftover veggie tempura sushi - wasn't feelin great the night we went, but it made good leftovers yesterday for lunch :)Nothin like some ice cream with a side of trashy ABC fam movie night!

Nothin like some ice cream with a side of trashy ABC fam movie night!


Tonight, back to yoga for me, as much as I have been a bum this weekend, will be nice to get a lil sweat sesh in tonight!

Well, I’m off, hope ‘ery one is having a lovely Monday!

XOXO Gossip Girl Jac


What is your go-to potluck dish?? As I said, I brought a mixed cheese, fruit and cracker plate. While it’s not something I really eat, it was easy (aka my parents had it! and I knew it would be a hit!)

Any fun big Monday night plans??

Last time you watched an ABC Family or Lifetime movie?? I have to say.. I watched (some of them) both this weekend – I told you it was a productive weekend 😉



Ps, Santa, if you are reading this……..

Black Ugglies!!





6 responses to “Company Holiday Potluck!

  1. YUM – I’m sure you’ve had a great time at both events!
    And all the spread from your company’s lunch sounds amazing!
    I hope you enjoyed it 😀

  2. Glad to hear ur feeling better! its great to feel good after feeling sick! i must go and get sushi soon, u always make me crave it! i would probs bring cruidites, chips, guac, sourcream, hummus as a pot luck! or else brownies, who doesnt love brownies! xx

  3. So happy my love is feeling better!!!

    Wow the work potluck sounded great! Anywhere there is a sushi platter is a great party in my eyes!!!!

    omg! I asked for black Uggs for xmas too, I have every other ugg basic color, but not the basic black, I have black knit cardy ones, but those are more for fall ! I hope santa treats you to uggs! I know I would!!!

  4. I don’t have any ugglies 😦 so sad!

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