Sweets Overload!

Ah still nine days until Christmas, and I currently feel overrun with sweets & treats. I am officially taking a break between now and then. Not cutting anything out, by any means, just slowwwwwwing down so to speak. Company holiday potlucks with rooms full of sweets, ice cream and cookies galore and lots of baked goods can be fun, but make me feel so sluggish later.

Here’s to veg!

Salad the other night with baby shrimp and tofu, fresh veggies: cuke, toms, olives, baby corn cut, carrots...


Which I topped with…

Mango, thai peanut and rice cheddar

Yumz. Crunchy. (Rice) Cheesy.


…And then I had cereal,


Millet puffs, random mixed cereals and van almond milk


In other news, you know I can’t go more than a week few days between my sushi fixes…

Sushiland with my sushi date ;)Old favorites, new favorites.

Sushiland with my sushi date 😉


Old favorites, new favorites.

..and lots of wasabi and ginger!!
 We went Monday night, after work and it was great. Sushi and sake, all around! So fun to catch up on our quarters, lives and nom some sushi while we were at it! 😀


I also tried a new-to-me larabar flavor the other day.

Cookie Dough Larabar.

To be honest, upon first bite I wasn’t blown away, in fact I didn’t think I cared for it.. However, after eating a few bites, the flavor and texture started to grow on me. I loved the big, solid chunks of chocolate and while laras’ in general aren’t my favorite bars in the world, I would get this one again! Still need to try the brownie flavah!


Also lovin, these lil guys, which I am almost out of! I think I found them at Trader Joe’s, will have to go restock soon!

Hazelnut almond cranberry biscotti smeared w/ dcd and bettern pb


 Today we have company chair, neck and shoulder massages. I have been in charge of scheduling them and I have to say I am enjoying the fruits of my labor with two massages today 😉 Thank you, company for paying!! Ha!

Also on tap: I am house/child sitting this weekend until Sunday. The kids are a little older, 13 and 16 but need to be driven to and from activities and need someone there at night… Oh, and also going to try to squeeze in a hot yoga tonight, in between dropping the daughter off at dance and picking her up after! Will be nice to get yoga in! So with that, and work, I am pretty busy this week! Will be nice to make some extra holiday ca$h though!  Which brings me to…


Have you finished your Christmas / holiday shopping?

Plans for Christmas or the holidays? Are you traveling anywhere?

How do you feel about the abundance of seasonal sweets – what is your favorite??!


Link of interest – check out this article about people being frugal! Switching lightbulbs in hotel rooms??.. Sheesh!!!

Giveaway to enter- Averie’s Sarri’s Chocolates Giveaway!



9 responses to “Sweets Overload!

  1. 🙂 hey! I’ve finished all my shopping thank god!! I’ve not got a big sweet tooth,but I am partial to crumbles, so a nice mince meat crumble is pretty appealing to me! ( the sweet minced meat not the beef mince stuff. Lol) Xmas will be spent at home with family, as always!traditions tradition! Xx

  2. Ah, mincemeat! That is not something that is big in the states – I have seen it, but not much!! IT’s mostly fruity, right??

  3. The salad looks great.. I love the pictures on this post

  4. i’ve been making ‘holiday’ cookies like its my job! even though I’m Jewish, I dwelve into the holiday spirits 🙂

    happy friday!

  5. I will be thinking of you today and wishing I was you while you are getting a massage! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so nice!!!

    Love you! I hope one day I am your sushiland date! that would be SWEET!!!

    Mike is taking me to a suprise place for dinner tonight and then we are relaxing the rest of the weekend!

    Hope your weekend is good!

    p.s. No I didnt post that early! lol! I think i posted at 630 am or so!

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