Fully Stocked Kitchen!! …and more Christmas Shopping Done!

I am sitting on a big, comfy couch, watching Food Network on a huge screen TV right now, with a fully stocked kitchen, yummy gingerbread cookies and a gorgeous decorated tree around me.

Where am I?

Housesitting for the weekend. Actually, I guess technically I am babysitting but the kids are 13 and 16, so my “sitting” pretty much just constitutes driving the 13 year old girl to and from her dance performances. This afternoon, after dropping her off, I ran some errands and got a bunch more Christmas shopping done. It was crazy out there today. Traffic traffic traffic!!!!!! But glad I got some more done!

I left this morning when it was still dark out – where I am adds on to my commute..

Left not so bright but early! At least it was Friday!


And from work, I came straight back here, picked up the girl, dropped her off, went shopping, stopped by Whole Foods for a light dinner, but came home and was faced with this fully stocked kitchen,

Fully stocked! Trader Joe's products galore, mixed nuts, sweets, cookies, dried bloobs, veggies, tons of holiday baked goods, etc!!

Suffice it to say, I kind of failed with my whole “cutting back on sweets” thing…

But, I don’t know, shopping makes me hungry?? Yeah, the mom also is a huge baker/candy maker with a garage refrigerator full of sweets.. so I had to try a lil 😉 Gabriela said it best, light dinner makes good late-night snackin’!

Gingerbread Men.

Alrighty, gotta get back to my TV watchin and blog readin!! Have a great night everyone, Happy Friday!!

Watchin and Readin!

❤ Jac

Musing: Today at work, we had a holiday gift wrapping party to wrap presents we have been collecting over the last month, for a family affected by HIV/AIDS. It was really cool to see all the things that were donated, to be a part of being able to help them in some way.. toys, gift cards, towels and blankets.. so many things were donated. I kept thinking about how this family with eight kids would feel waking up on Christmas with so many toys to open. Obviously, their life is not going to be changed by a few more toys, but being able to provide them with grocery money, new warm clothes and things they may be really needing, it felt good to help in some small ways.


12 responses to “Fully Stocked Kitchen!! …and more Christmas Shopping Done!

  1. Shopping always makes me hungry too 🙂 Love trying out all my goodies. Don’t even worry about failing on cutting back sweets. If you feel like them, eat them 🙂 Your body wouldn’t lie to you! teeehee

  2. I love raiding other peoples’ pantries. They always have stuff that I’ve never tried, especially when they’re TJ’s shoppers!

  3. there is nothing as beautiful as reorganizing and then admiring a fully stocked fridge! (ok, well I’m sure there’s SOMETHING, bvut you get the idea)

  4. Hope you’re at least having fun babysitting 🙂
    Are the girls nice?

    • YEs I am having a nice time – free sushi dinner tonight while on the job lol!

      The kids are 13 – a girl and 16 – a boy and very sweet, nice kids. I get done tomorrow will be nice to be done but it has been a pretty sweet gig, I have to say! 🙂

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