It’s a House Sitting, Sushi and Food Network kind of a Saturday ;)

Hey Hey Happy Saturday night! Doing anything fun? This whole “Winter Break” thing is catching on!!


Tonight I had the pleasure of going to one of my favorites, Sushiland with the girl I am watching this weekend! This wasn’t the typical Sushiland I go to, this one in her town was a little smaller but totally packed when we got there around 6:30 – quite a wait!! We had ย a great sushi feast, what fun to hang out with a thirteen year old ;)!


She had never tried eel tempura roll, my favorite, now her fav too!

So much good sushi was had! ;D


Sushi Domination!!

Besides feasting on sushi, we have been doing much of this today: Food Network Lovin!!

Starting with some Matthew Mcconaughey lovin on Guy’s Big Bite..

Matthew and Guy. Made some yum looking drinks including margaritas!! And of course, some guy food lol, v. meat heavy!

Followed by more Guy..

Times... A bunch! This show never ends, lol!

**Insert Sushiland break here,** LOL!

Now, back on the couch, hanging out and watching Iron Chef.

Challenge pork fat - yuck!!

Yes, a tough life ๐Ÿ˜‰

When is the last time you have watched Food Network?? Do you find it as addictive as me?

Best thing you ate and did today? Sushi for sure, for me! I ย also finished my Christmas shopping almost completely – yes! Also made a Whole Foods errand coffee run this morning, always a must ๐Ÿ˜‰ on a weekend, must have my coffee! Got my coffee and picked up one for the girl, and bfast for her and her brother, bagels and muffins!


7 responses to “It’s a House Sitting, Sushi and Food Network kind of a Saturday ;)

  1. I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping…oops. And nothing on the Food Network is as addictive as Unwrapped. I can watch that show for hours.

  2. Hi love!!!!

    Yay for sushi domination!! I have a couple more xmas shopping errands to run! Not major! We got ANthonys PS3 friday night, that was the last gift we got for him, kid is spoiled, I always buy him too much, but he is an only child as well, well at least for now until a couple years I hope to have another!

    Lululemon shopping was done online by me, tis the season to shop for yourself too! lol! I saw that you were on their site too! Love that store! Love u! xoxo

  3. Best thing i ate this weekend? well, i seemes to enjoy my brekkie this morning more than usual, simple classic, stewed pear oats with tahini and honey!
    im not much of a food network fan, but my sis and dad are, they could watch it all day!

  4. Sushi is one of those foods I’ll never be into! But I LOVE other asian foods (as you know from my blog!).

    The best thing I ate today?? A Special K Peanut Butter Chocolate Meal Bar! I forgot how good those are!!

    • Oh yum, pb choco meal bar, sounds delish!
      Maybe one day we can get a yum phad thai meal together – i do love thai food too! I’m always drooling over your veggie shu mais you always feature on your blog lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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