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Dinner Date!!

I have been meaning to post for the past few days –guess I have been busy!

The best kind of dinner date, that is πŸ˜‰

Thursday night, I met my Dad downtown after work for a dinner date at Elliot’s, one of our favorite downtown seafood restaurants. It is kind of a tradition for us — getting together just the two of us to have good drinks, good food and good conversation. The past few years I have gotten a lot closer to my Dad and I love that we have (and make) the chance to get together every once and awhile to just catch up and hang out.

We enjoyed oysters and some crab cakes which were to. die. for. (and I usually am not a crab fan!) that our waitress brought us compliments of the house.

Grilled Seafood Salad: Salmon, Scallops, Shrimp and Crab!

bad lighting from my camera phone!

Dessert was some shared vanilla ice cream and this fancy coffee drink,

A fun dinner, for sure! πŸ˜€

Do you schedule “dinner dates” with your Mom / Dad / friends to catch up? As mentioned, I do, with both my mom and Dad!

Do you like seafood? I have thought of becoming vegan but I just looove seafood too much to give it up ;)!!

Highlights of your weekends?? I went home last night to the island, my parents had a party….stay tuned for a recap post of that, it was really fun!


Makings of a Good Day.

Yesterday was a pretty good day!

After a friend let me try her new mini french press,

Hazelnutty coffee in a tumbler to go, yummy πŸ™‚

..It started early with class (Persuasion),

Where we learned about the persuasive effects advertising and media have on us through being shown this Bud commercial,

I followed up class with a hot and sweaty noon time power yoga class,

and stopped by Trader Joe’s between classes,

Where I was reminded of this!!

YTP opening soon! And, it's gonna be HOT!!

I turned in a big proposal in my interviewing class, always nice to check off big things like that.

Later in the evening I made a target run for “essentials” aka you know how that goes…

I did have some yummy snacks yesterday, tried this bar from my friend Katie,

Mojo Trail mix bar!

It had been a while since I’ve had one, but I love these – they are so chewy and texture-y. You should definitely try one!

Nuts, seeds, raisins, chocolate!

I also had a yum peanut flour combination I made last night, needed something a ‘lil sweet!

Looks like mush, tasted great! Peanut flour paste with xyletol to sweeten (just a little) fat free whipped cream, pb puffs WF brand cereal, freeze dried strawbs and bloob and a little sf chocolate sauce!

All in all, I would sayΒ the makings of a good day!

Now, I am at work, looking forward to meeting my Daddooo for dinner tonight at our favorite seafood spot downtown. My mom’s out of town so it will be nice to eat and catch up with him a little!

What was the best part of your Wednesday? What are your makings of a good day?Β What are your weekend plans?!

Off to find lunch, but before I forget, Happy Birthday Gabriela!! πŸ˜€ I will be joining you in “21 land” in a few short weeks!!

Β Β 

Best foodie concoction as of late??!

Hot Yoga, Frozen Yogurt.

Hot yoga last night was great!

After dinner of leftovers from Sunday’s seafood (and mojito!) feast,

Leftover salmon seafood salad, delicious last night before yoga!

I took a hot and steamy Bikram-style class, my second class of the day. I also took the noontime hot power yoga. This 30 day challenge is kickin’ my butt getting its butt kicked!


Remember I told you how my good friend just took her first class at my yoga studio, and I’ve recruited a new yoga buddy? She loved class Sunday and practiced again with me last night! I was doing my usual Monday night practice and clean the studio. She helped me clean a little and then treated me to frozen yogurt to thank me for last week’s sushi dinner. I finally got my Menchie’s! Not necessary to treat me, but totally acceptable, ha! πŸ˜€ It tasted especially great after a hot and sweaty hot yoga session!

We made sure to test out all the flavors, making good use of the free samples, before filling our cups;


Finally got my fro yo!

And ended up with quite the mix!!

Mmmm! I ended up with a mix of chocolate cheesecake, chocolate raspberry and a little pina colada tart with some chocolate candy pieces, cookie crumbs and animal cracker pieces and a single cheesecake bite on top — yum! πŸ™‚


Today, after waking up early to finish my project to hand in to my Neighborhood Nutrition class, it was back to work for me….

Coffee & Orange

Beast with more leftover seafood - ahi, and sauteed veggies


I wore these new shoes, which I like but were very painful. Note to self: try shoes on first, don’t just buy what I think is my size *especially at Target!*

New shoes: so cute, so painful 😦

And this new jacket, my mom bought for me yesterday. On sale at Express!

Express Wrap Blazer


The sunset was gorgeous tonight on my drive home.

Seeing the water and ferries always makes me a little homesick.

Tonight has been pretty low-key, I’m not feeling great so I am taking the night off. Tomorrow is another full day of classes – no work though – so I’m going to turn in and get some sleep!


Do you work out / do yoga with friends or do you prefer to do it solo?

What is the best thing you ate today? What was the best part of your day?

Mojito on a Sunday night?

Mmmm just came from dinner with my parents! I met up with my mom earlier today for some shopping (got a great work jacket and bought myself a yoga/workout pullover too) this afternoon; then, we met my Dad and his work collegue for dinner here.

Elliot’s an amazing seafood menu – it definitely did NOT disappoint!

Mojito and White Wine on a Sunday night....why not?!

My mom and I shared two: a special, Grilled Seafood Salad and the Seared Yellowfin Tuna with a jasmin rice cake and veg. Omg, delicious!


In other news……..

My friend Jackie did a hot yoga class at my studio tonight for the first time ever and loved it! She bought the intro special of ten classes for twenty dollars and has already agreed to going tomorrow night with me, before I have to clean the studio – looking forward to having a new yoga buddy!!!!!!


Oh man oh man, this weekend went by FAR TOO FAST! Oooof, tomorrow is Monday and another week is upon us! My Dad and I made dinner plans for Wednesday night which should be a fun and nice way to break up the mid-week monotony of school-work-yoga-life-commitments. Already looking forward to that!


Hightlights of your weekend?! Mine definitely included getting my hair done, meditation this morning, and dinner and shopping tonight with the ‘rents – can’t beat that!


G’night and lots of love!!!!

❀ J

PS, currently searching plane tickets to Hawaii!!!! My mom wants to take me there for my 21st next month!!!!!! Any suggestions?!!!!!



Meditation and Productivity.

Morning Afternoon, friends!! πŸ™‚

Has been quite the productive and meditative day for me so far! πŸ˜€

This morning, I woke up bright and early for an early am hot power yoga class, and then took a Guided Meditation class, offered complimentary by my studio for our thirty day challenge. It was different, but really nice and relaxing, and I was actually able to meditate for most of it –usually my mind is a thousand places! Kind of funny too, because there were definitely some people sleeping snoring in there!

So, my Sunday to-do list is shrinking,

  • Hot Power yoga
  • Guided Meditation class
  • shower
  • laundry
  • grocery shopping
  • clean room *workin on it! ;)*
  • Nutrition class report – due Tuesday *working on this too!*
  • meet my mom downtown to shop
  • dinner with the parents downtown!

Grocery shopping took me a while today: I hit up Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, but got some good stuff and some new stuff I’m looking forward to trying, actually quite a few bloggie-inspired eats!

Trader Joe's Goods

Today’s TJ’s finds included a bottle of blackberry-vanilla infused Italian red wine (holy yum?!), freeze dried mangos (love these!), vanilla almond breeze, dried seaweed, balsamic vinegarette and instant coffee – I hate the drip coffee here, so this will be perfect for on-the-go!

Whole Food's Goods

Kamut puffs (I know Katie loves these too!), Curry Tempeh (have seen these on Julie’s blog), tri-colored carrots and a zucchini (GC would be so proud), a small bit of nutritional yeast (I have had this before, a long time ago, but I know Gabriela uses it all the time for vegan “cheese”), and a new-to-me Kettle brand tomato veggie soup – this will be perfect to bring to work! Scores all around! πŸ™‚

Coffee was also a must when I was on my way out of Whole Foods!

Iced coffee that is!

And remember those amazing mushroom chips I tried the other week? An employee gave me a little sample to take home which I’m munching on right now with some of the carrots and seaweed and TJ’s eggplant humus <–soooo good!!

Alright, I’m off to finish my laundry, work on that nutrition report — we have to track our eating and spending over two days and then add it to a “neighborhood map” and report our spending/eating/findings; should be interesting — finish cleaning my room and getting ready to go me ma mere downtown. Hope you are all having nice and relaxing – or productive – Sundays!!

❀ J $

Best new grocery store find? Blog or non-blog inspired? Where do you shop?

Have you ever done a guided meditation class, or do you meditate?

Friend Dates are the Best!!

Especially when they include all of my favorites!!! πŸ˜€

First up: Good friends. Check! My friend Jackie, (yes, same name) who I have known since we met in acting class when we were twelve years old! She is a twin and the three of us go wayyy back. I ❀ them – and we have sooooo many stories of our teenage years! πŸ˜‰

Second, my fave dinner place: check! Sushiland, of course!!

Seaweed salad and sake to start, a must makes the sushi taste so much more delicious πŸ˜€

We even got a special roll last night, a purple (the most $$) plate, the Spider Roll,

Tempura Crab and Cucumber


Don’t try to deny it… we all know tempura is the best sushi.

We ended up eating, sippin’ sake and chatting for an hour and a half… I think my Sushiland record!! Seriously it was so nice though; I feel like we lead two very separate lives and while every time we get together, it’s like not much has really is hard to keep up friendships sometimes when you a) don’t go to the same school, b) I work all the stinkin’ time and c) just really don’t ever cross paths. Regardless, it was fun to catch up!

After our sushi and sake fest, which included the sharing of many plates,Β we were pleasantly full, but of course that didn’t stop us. Jackie the informant told me of a magical place that had opened near SL….


Hello, free samples!!!!!!

I love self-serve frozen yogurt, and it had been forever! We were so full, but we definitely had to check it out! I have thoroughly drooled over Menchie’s creations seen around but I didn’t know we had them in WA. I will for sure be back to make one of my own soon!

We left just in time to go to her house around the corner and watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy -TV…another thing I haven’t done / watched in for evah! – and 30 rock and drink a glass of red wine.

All in all, a very fun evening! πŸ˜€


Last night, I was invited to a “Grab-A-Date.” That’s a Greek term for a fraternity or sorority social event where you have to grab someone to be your date.

The theme?

"Tour de Franzia"

Yes, that’s right. Hello, a bunch of college student’s chugging cheap, boxed wine, wearing biker uniforms and sharpied-on fake French mustaches’ on the guys… My date and I looked at each other like, “yeah, we are too old for this.” Even so, we had fun sipping our wine; it ended up being Β a fun night. πŸ˜‰

^More to come!

Today, after hot power yoga this morning, a trip through the farmer’s market and Whole Foods for my Saturday morning coffee buzz, I spent all too many hours sitting in a chair of the Aveda Training salon, getting my hair colored. It took forever and was tiring and boring, but I got some reading done for class and now I’m supah blond again πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow morning I have a yoga class and then I’m going to stick around to do a specially-offered Meditation class they are offering for the thirty-day challenge. I’m really looking forward to trying it! I probably should go to bed early and not be doing this…


But…what can I say?! <–Ha, not a very compelling argument!!

Last time you hung out with an old bestie?? Do you keep up with friends from you childhood?? How do you make long-distance (or short-but-never-see-each-other) distance friendships work?


That’s all I’m sayin’!


I’m trying to decide whether to go home tomorrow or not; I was supposed to babysit but she just cancelled on me – her hubs is sick – so now my weekend has freed up a bit πŸ˜‰ Would be nice to go home and relax aΒ bit and rechargeΒ after last weekend’s excitement! Also, I have some friends who will be on the island this weekend – would be nice to catch up with them. Tonight I have a fun “Grab A Date”, a ‘Greek’ thing.. which may or may not involve “Tour Di Franzia” yeah…. What about you, fun weekend plans?!


In other news, my 30 Day Challenge is going well! I am feeling stronger and more balanced as a result. This weekend they are offering two special classes, “Restorative Yoga” and “Yoga Nidra.” I may try one – or both – out, we shall see! Ever taken either of those kinds of yoga classes? What can I expect?