Come and Gone.

Another year winter break, another holiday season, come and gone.

Today, I said goodbye to my younger sister, my parents, my kitty and Cindy,


Packed up my two weeks + worth of clothes, Christmas presents, laundry, shoes, into my car, and headed back to school,

Back to Seattle.

I had such a great Winter break with my family; today was really, really hard saying good-bye, especially to my little sister. I feel like the older I / we get, not only do we see each other less, but we try to make those times when we are together, count, you know? I also feel like this break went by so, so quickly! Between my house sitting, the events over break, Christmas and our mini ski trip, it flew by!!


Last night, my mom made one of my favorites; spiked spiced cider. I first had it over Thanksgiving, and loved it soooo much, I requested it again over the holidays.


Spiced Cider.

After a day of lounging and resting from the previous night’s partying, it was nice to just hang out, make a great dinner together (roasted tofu and vegetables, bread and leftover indian food!), enjoy the last day together while our tree and decorations were still up.


Last family dinner with the tree and Christmas decorations.


I will miss them, miss being home… but, it is nice to be back at school. This week starts a stressful, crazy week –I still need to add two classes and get my schedule figured out!– but it will be good to get back into routine, see friends and I am looking forward to what 2011 will bring!


Off to finish unpacking and head to Sunday night hot yoga!!


Happy Sunday night loves, how was your weekend?!

Best thing you did, ate, saw?!

Highlights of your winter break / holiday season?!

Rant: If you feel compelled to comment something critical and mean ask me a question, please feel free. Please also feel free to leave your name – how is an anonymous comment productive?!


11 responses to “Come and Gone.

  1. I used to live in Seattle and love/miss it! Which school do you go to? I went to U-Dub! I hope you get your schedule figured out!

    My weekend was great–best thing I saw was the Huskies win the Holiday bowl but lots of delicious food was consumed as well 🙂

    • Yeah, Seattle, I go to U dub too, that’s awesome!!
      Omg what a win at the holiday bowl, no?! Definite highlight! And of course, delicious food! 😉

  2. Have a safe trip back love!! My winter break isn’t over for quite awhile, but I think that just being a bum has been the biggest highlight thus far. Nothing like some R&R to recharge!

    • Oh yeah – cause you are on the semester system = a whole month off?? not me, only two weeks for me!
      Well, enjoy it girl!!! 😀
      R & R is the best!!

  3. Mmm, spiced cider is the perfect way to end and begin a new year!

  4. Ah, it’s back to school for me tmrw as well 😦
    It was definitely hard saying goodbye to the family yesterday. But they’ll always be there awaiting our return!

  5. mmmmmm spiced cider sounds yum, and looks super xmassy in that shot! i have to say-i had another xmas dinner on new years day made by my gran-definitely the best thing i ate all weekend! xx

  6. Love your blog! and I want some spiced cider now, haha!
    I had this whole week off from work and now i’m off to start another day (ugh)…why can’t holidays last forever?!

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