Class Stress!!

Edit to add: This post looks familiar, no?!

I have had quite the stressful last forty eight hours, back at school

Have been trying to add & figure out my schedule, and nothanksto my University, SO many all the classes I have wanted have been full!

Sunday night, when I got home (school home), there was NO food in the house.. dinner was whatever I could scrape together from my pantry and may have included dry cereal and these guys,

Last crumbs of the bag!

almond biscotti with pb and freeze dried bloobs

not the most balanced!


Made a bit of progress today on the class front, even added this fun one last night – although only three credits, not the usual five Neighborhood Nutrition. This morning, when the prof was going through the description of what we would be doing I just kept thinking, this is the. foodblogger. class. Sounds like we will be doing a lot of learning about food choices, tracking our diets and even some field trips and “special guests” he referred to – food brought in to class. I’m excited, I think it will be a good one! I will be sure to blog about it as it progresses!

Neighborhood Nutrition


Coffee was needed this morning in between the billions of classes I sat in on for sure!

Possibly the last red cup in the city! They only had venti left!

I’m off to Target tonight and then going to hangout with a friend, some of this may be involved too 🙂

Have a great night everyone!! 😀

❤ J.

Any class stress? What are you taking this quarter/semester, if you have started already? Best ‘random’ class you’ve taken? – I probably would not have registered for this Nutrition class, had the ones I originally wanted been open. Things have a funny way of working out sometimes!


Musing: Christmas pres’!! Check out these two my little sister gave me, worn/used yesterday and today… I told her they were my “good luck charms” for getting in to classes!

Keeping my lips happy during class ;)

Pretty gold bracelet

What Christmas presents are you rocking this week?!



13 responses to “Class Stress!!

  1. oh no! it’s too early for class stress! hopefully your time with your friend (and a beverage) will help 🙂

    good luck

  2. Ah howcome they didnt have that class when i was there?! Looking forward to reading about it!

    One quarter my communications class was canceled a couple days before the quarter started so I had to scramble to find any class open…ended up taking a class on volcanos. haha.

  3. Oy how I hate schedueling! I hope you get everything all straightned out asap! Im taking 6 classes this semester, I just hope I dont die from stress and over work!

    This week im rockin my new watch and my hott new zumba necklace 🙂

  4. The class looks like a class I would sit through and like! I guess the sushi making and eating class was full?!! lol! Wish there was one of those!

    Love the bracelets! So sweet your sis got you those for christmas, I love bracelets and have too many! Forever 21 just always has cute ones!

    Im down for the peanut flour swap! What bars or stuff do you love and cant get that maybe I can ?! love ya!

    • Yeah Sushi making and eating was over booked, lol!! Too bad because I would have aced it for sure!!! I would have set the curve sooooooooo high!!! 😀

    • Thanks, yeah my sis was so sweet to get it for me ❤
      Swap for sure!! Let's see… Idk cause I have access to Whole Food and Trader Joes here, and F21 and Tarjay, you know, the essentials 🙂
      Maybe we could just do a little like "best of" package or something… like each of our faves to each other??

  5. That class sounds so cool!! I wanted to take a nutrition class this semester at NYU, but they were all super intense and required department approval. So lame. Can’t wait to hear how yours goes!!

    • Boo! Yeah this one is only three credit, usual UW classes are five, and seems pretty laid back but really interesting! Cool you got to do your internship though – that is definitely something that sounds down my alley! I hate when classes are restricted bc of department stuff… so frustrating!!

  6. coffee is always needed in my book 🙂
    oh class registration – it is so stressful, i agree! i feel like i want to take so many classes but its a pain to figure how it is all going to fit!

  7. i saw on facebook that you had been struggling, but that class sounds aweeeeeeeesome! i want to take a nutrition class soon too!! sounds super fun!!

    cant wait to hear what you are studying bout!!! 🙂

  8. Sorry about your study/class/school stress! Hope you get to RELAXXX! 😀

  9. i almost pulled that biscotti out of my computer screen. yum!

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