“Bloggie Friends are Real Friends.”

I woke up in Whistler B.C., yesterday.

I had an amazing weekend. College Weekend at its finest. I’m currently working on my recap…

Just know it involved quite a bit of this,

'Nuf said.




When we finally got out of Canada – crossing the border back in to the US was no easy feat –

Hour plus wait at the border.

..I had big plans to hit up an outlet on the way home. Not just any outlet mall though,

Lululemon outlet!!

My yoga-lovin heart be still. They didn’t have that big of a selection, pretty limited in sizes and colors, but I still found some goodies 🙂


When I got home, I was tired from the five six hour drive but SO excited to see a package waiting for me from my favorite Healthy Diva!!!!! We did a little bloggie exchange last week; she can’t get peanut flour where she lives so I happily sent her some, with some other TJ’s goods, and she sent me this loot!

Bars, eye mask, dark chocolate dreams, a cute strawberry plate set, granola, hand sanitizer and a sweet card!!

Seriously so sweet and so generous! Thanks, friend 😉

“Bloggie friends are real friends.” Fo realz.

Highlights of your MLK weekend?!

Best thing you ate / saw / did?!

Best bloggie friend story?!


14 responses to ““Bloggie Friends are Real Friends.”

  1. I go to BC Canada several times a year, where is the Lulu Lemon Outlet? I cross above Seattle, near Chilliwac, or above Spokane….my daughters live in Penticton. I love Lulu Lemon! I wear their men’s shorts, I have the pants and jackets. And why don’t I have a friend that sends me that great gift bag….lucky girl!!!!!

    • Hey Will, welcome!!
      I’m not sure where Chilliwac is.. Lulu outlet is near the Bellingham border though.. I love Lulu too; did you know, it actually started in Vancouver?! I love the men’s shorts too ha, I always think guys who were Lulu are “true men” LOL! And those jackets with the thumb holes… those started in the men’s coats so I was so glad they made them for women!

      Good luck finding an outlet – look online!!

      And, hope you stick around my blog ;)!

  2. I am so jealous you got to go to the Lululemon Outlet!! Ah i bet Whistler was such a blast, I remember when I was there for college weekend and there were crazy lines to get into all the clubs, I love when theyre busy like that! Looks like Katie put together a sweet little package for you 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Yes, it was my first ever college weekend there! It was soooo much fun too, SO glad I went! Yes though the lines were definitely crazy and long.

      Katie is the best, she did so good!!

  3. Hi Jaclyn! I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog…but I’ve had you in my Google Reader for at least a couple months. I’m a creep. haha. 🙂 I am jealous of your Lululemon outlet adventure! I had my first encounter with Lulu this Christmas and I’m a bit obsessed. Your bloggie exchange bag looks yummmmy and that eye mask is adorable. I look forward to not being a creep, and commenting on your blog more. 😀

    • Hey hey! Welcome!! 😀 Glad to have you here! Lululemon outlet adventure was fun..just wish they had more stuff. I’m dying to go to a big Lulu outlet – I loveeeee there stuff it’s just so dang expensive, I don’t have a lot! Well my bday is next month, brainstorming what I am gonna ask the Birthday Santa for lol! 😉

      Looking forward to you ‘not being a creep’ too lol! 😀 Take care!!

  4. Bloggie friends definitely are real friends!! I just wish we all lived within a mile of each other.

    Bloggie friend story = all of HLS!! 😀

    • Wish there was a *like* button; *like* 😉

      HLS was amazing.. can’t wait for the next one! 😀 We should room again!

  5. haha they sure are real friends! i mean duh! meet ups, etc. = real.

    love the shots picture! going out with the besties can just be so much fun!!

  6. you are the best bloggie friend ever!!! I love all my bloggie friends so much, real friends for rizzle!!!!!

    So glad you had a fun weekend and yay for the lululemon outlet!!!! I love it! Im going to chicago again in a couple weeks and hitting up lululemon again for sure ; )

    Im so glad you loved the goodies! Thank you again for doing the bloggie exchange ; ) muah!!!!!!!!!

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