Whistler Weekend!!

So, about my weekend ;)……..,

We drove a long, long way Friday afternoon; through Vancouver and over the bridge, to Whistler we go!,


Because I am me, I had to include a stop *both drive up and back!* at Whole Foods heaven,

Such a sight after a long hunger (and bathroom need)-inducing drive!! 😀

Theere was lots of sightseeing to be done: aka walking around the village,

Some great meals at local establishments,


My "Monte Cristo" coffee drink at a pub we went to the first day -- actually went back the next night too!



Walking around the village and sightseeing also included an all important trip to a local candy store 😀

The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop!

Priorities, people! 😉
Hello, Chocolate love!!

And, of course we had to stop to get a picture in front of the Olympic rings,


As promised, there were plenty of these,

Group-friend shots 😉 !

Which would lead to this…

Hot tubbing 'ery night!


But, would be followed up the next night again with more of this…

Getting ready with the girls!

 ….To go out on the town!!

Bar hopping with friends 😉


Delicious, some kind of Winter Brew...tasted like chocolaty caramel!- and I typically hate beer!


My new drink! Blue, malibu, pineapple and splash of club soda with lime!!

My friends' fire shots

Clubbing, Whistler style!

Dancing with an Australian...

All in all, an amazingly fun weekend, just what I have been needing: a little R & R and fun with friends. Also, I got to see some guy and girl friends I really haven’t gotten to hangout with much lately. There were about twenty of us sharing a four bedroom condo all weekend; while crowded, it was SO much fun and definitely stregthened some friendships. Some of the groups I have talked to had drama this weekend — that was SO not the case with us: everyone just hung out together and had a great time!

It was my first ever “College Weekend” in Whistler, and made me wish I had gone previous years!! Friends, drinking, sightseeing, bar hopping, eating out, eating in, sleeping, hot tubbing……….and doing it all over again the next day; what more could you ask for in a weekend getaway?!



 Have you ever gone on a “College” trip?! Ever been to Whistler?!

Best thing you ate / did / saw this weekend??


7 responses to “Whistler Weekend!!

  1. Oh my girl! It looks like you had alot of fun!!!!!!! You looked so pretty too! Love the sequin shirt! Hot!

    Ok that drink, I have had that before and it is awesome! I dont drink anything besides wine mostly but when away on vacation or special events, I drink yummy drinks, and I have had that combo before!

    Love you!!!!! xoxo

  2. Geez! Looks like you had a blast girly! And good call on stopping at Whole Foods twice. 😉 Very necessary.

  3. Looks like SO MUCH fun!! Glad you were able to get that much-needed R & R!

  4. Looks like such a typical american college weekend away (and i mean that in a nice way!). Never been to whistler-looks like i might need to tho 🙂

  5. Looks like SUCH a fun time!! Ahh I can’t wait to get back to school and go out with my friends. College trips are the best 🙂

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