That’s all I’m sayin’!


I’m trying to decide whether to go home tomorrow or not; I was supposed to babysit but she just cancelled on me – her hubs is sick – so now my weekend has freed up a bit 😉 Would be nice to go home and relax a bit and recharge after last weekend’s excitement! Also, I have some friends who will be on the island this weekend – would be nice to catch up with them. Tonight I have a fun “Grab A Date”, a ‘Greek’ thing.. which may or may not involve “Tour Di Franzia” yeah…. What about you, fun weekend plans?!


In other news, my 30 Day Challenge is going well! I am feeling stronger and more balanced as a result. This weekend they are offering two special classes, “Restorative Yoga” and “Yoga Nidra.” I may try one – or both – out, we shall see! Ever taken either of those kinds of yoga classes? What can I expect?


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