Friend Dates are the Best!!

Especially when they include all of my favorites!!! 😀

First up: Good friends. Check! My friend Jackie, (yes, same name) who I have known since we met in acting class when we were twelve years old! She is a twin and the three of us go wayyy back. I ❤ them – and we have sooooo many stories of our teenage years! 😉

Second, my fave dinner place: check! Sushiland, of course!!

Seaweed salad and sake to start, a must makes the sushi taste so much more delicious 😀

We even got a special roll last night, a purple (the most $$) plate, the Spider Roll,

Tempura Crab and Cucumber


Don’t try to deny it… we all know tempura is the best sushi.

We ended up eating, sippin’ sake and chatting for an hour and a half… I think my Sushiland record!! Seriously it was so nice though; I feel like we lead two very separate lives and while every time we get together, it’s like not much has really is hard to keep up friendships sometimes when you a) don’t go to the same school, b) I work all the stinkin’ time and c) just really don’t ever cross paths. Regardless, it was fun to catch up!

After our sushi and sake fest, which included the sharing of many plates, we were pleasantly full, but of course that didn’t stop us. Jackie the informant told me of a magical place that had opened near SL….


Hello, free samples!!!!!!

I love self-serve frozen yogurt, and it had been forever! We were so full, but we definitely had to check it out! I have thoroughly drooled over Menchie’s creations seen around but I didn’t know we had them in WA. I will for sure be back to make one of my own soon!

We left just in time to go to her house around the corner and watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy -TV…another thing I haven’t done / watched in for evah! – and 30 rock and drink a glass of red wine.

All in all, a very fun evening! 😀


Last night, I was invited to a “Grab-A-Date.” That’s a Greek term for a fraternity or sorority social event where you have to grab someone to be your date.

The theme?

"Tour de Franzia"

Yes, that’s right. Hello, a bunch of college student’s chugging cheap, boxed wine, wearing biker uniforms and sharpied-on fake French mustaches’ on the guys… My date and I looked at each other like, “yeah, we are too old for this.” Even so, we had fun sipping our wine; it ended up being  a fun night. 😉

^More to come!

Today, after hot power yoga this morning, a trip through the farmer’s market and Whole Foods for my Saturday morning coffee buzz, I spent all too many hours sitting in a chair of the Aveda Training salon, getting my hair colored. It took forever and was tiring and boring, but I got some reading done for class and now I’m supah blond again 😉

Tomorrow morning I have a yoga class and then I’m going to stick around to do a specially-offered Meditation class they are offering for the thirty-day challenge. I’m really looking forward to trying it! I probably should go to bed early and not be doing this…


But…what can I say?! <–Ha, not a very compelling argument!!

Last time you hung out with an old bestie?? Do you keep up with friends from you childhood?? How do you make long-distance (or short-but-never-see-each-other) distance friendships work?


5 responses to “Friend Dates are the Best!!

  1. Yes we do have so much in common ; ) for realz!

    Its nice to catch up with friends, I miss my friends back home so much, but when I do go home for a visit I always see them , well at least my bff, I always see her, I wish she lived closer! Her and I always go get sushi at my fave sushi place back home!

    Yay for going super blonde, I bet it looks beautiful! I hope yoga is amazing today and the meditation class after sounds great ; )

    Happy Sunday! xoxo < 3

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  3. Seaweed salad=love! Same with froyo! I havent been to Menchies yet, but I have been to similar places and love it. My bff lives in NC now and I agree that despite the distance and amount of time between our talks, when we do talk it feels like nothing has changed! We also sometimes write letters, which is totally corny but its fun to receive snail mail sometimes!

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