Hot Yoga, Frozen Yogurt.

Hot yoga last night was great!

After dinner of leftovers from Sunday’s seafood (and mojito!) feast,

Leftover salmon seafood salad, delicious last night before yoga!

I took a hot and steamy Bikram-style class, my second class of the day. I also took the noontime hot power yoga. This 30 day challenge is kickin’ my butt getting its butt kicked!


Remember I told you how my good friend just took her first class at my yoga studio, and I’ve recruited a new yoga buddy? She loved class Sunday and practiced again with me last night! I was doing my usual Monday night practice and clean the studio. She helped me clean a little and then treated me to frozen yogurt to thank me for last week’s sushi dinner. I finally got my Menchie’s! Not necessary to treat me, but totally acceptable, ha! 😀 It tasted especially great after a hot and sweaty hot yoga session!

We made sure to test out all the flavors, making good use of the free samples, before filling our cups;


Finally got my fro yo!

And ended up with quite the mix!!

Mmmm! I ended up with a mix of chocolate cheesecake, chocolate raspberry and a little pina colada tart with some chocolate candy pieces, cookie crumbs and animal cracker pieces and a single cheesecake bite on top — yum! 🙂


Today, after waking up early to finish my project to hand in to my Neighborhood Nutrition class, it was back to work for me….

Coffee & Orange

Beast with more leftover seafood - ahi, and sauteed veggies


I wore these new shoes, which I like but were very painful. Note to self: try shoes on first, don’t just buy what I think is my size *especially at Target!*

New shoes: so cute, so painful 😦

And this new jacket, my mom bought for me yesterday. On sale at Express!

Express Wrap Blazer


The sunset was gorgeous tonight on my drive home.

Seeing the water and ferries always makes me a little homesick.

Tonight has been pretty low-key, I’m not feeling great so I am taking the night off. Tomorrow is another full day of classes – no work though – so I’m going to turn in and get some sleep!


Do you work out / do yoga with friends or do you prefer to do it solo?

What is the best thing you ate today? What was the best part of your day?


5 responses to “Hot Yoga, Frozen Yogurt.

  1. I cannot believe I have never had froyo!
    I like to work out by myself typically-yoga and pilates I like to meet friends at though!

  2. Ouch! Nothing worse than having to wear a pair of uncomfy shoes that dont fit 😦 I tend to work out by myself! Its usually my “me” time for the day 🙂
    Since I started back school, I havent been eating anything exceptionally amazing…that froyo looks bomb though!

  3. Ugh I need some hot yoga in my life! You lucky duck. 😀

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