Makings of a Good Day.

Yesterday was a pretty good day!

After a friend let me try her new mini french press,

Hazelnutty coffee in a tumbler to go, yummy 🙂

..It started early with class (Persuasion),

Where we learned about the persuasive effects advertising and media have on us through being shown this Bud commercial,

I followed up class with a hot and sweaty noon time power yoga class,

and stopped by Trader Joe’s between classes,

Where I was reminded of this!!

YTP opening soon! And, it's gonna be HOT!!

I turned in a big proposal in my interviewing class, always nice to check off big things like that.

Later in the evening I made a target run for “essentials” aka you know how that goes…

I did have some yummy snacks yesterday, tried this bar from my friend Katie,

Mojo Trail mix bar!

It had been a while since I’ve had one, but I love these – they are so chewy and texture-y. You should definitely try one!

Nuts, seeds, raisins, chocolate!

I also had a yum peanut flour combination I made last night, needed something a ‘lil sweet!

Looks like mush, tasted great! Peanut flour paste with xyletol to sweeten (just a little) fat free whipped cream, pb puffs WF brand cereal, freeze dried strawbs and bloob and a little sf chocolate sauce!

All in all, I would say the makings of a good day!

Now, I am at work, looking forward to meeting my Daddooo for dinner tonight at our favorite seafood spot downtown. My mom’s out of town so it will be nice to eat and catch up with him a little!

What was the best part of your Wednesday? What are your makings of a good day? What are your weekend plans?!

Off to find lunch, but before I forget, Happy Birthday Gabriela!! 😀 I will be joining you in “21 land” in a few short weeks!!


Best foodie concoction as of late??!


7 responses to “Makings of a Good Day.

  1. ooooh i hope you had a fab dinner with your dad 🙂

    dinner with daddy and a trader joe’s trip sound like a wonderful day to meee! enjoy it girl!

  2. Aww thanks for the birthday wishes!! That video is absolutely hilarious. Awesome. The F bomb is sadly already one of my favorite words though…

  3. I just tried my first Mojo bar the other day…so ridiculoulsy good, crunchy, chewy..yes, yes please..

  4. Jealous of your TJ’S run. I must go ASAPPPPP!!

  5. Yum, that peanut butter flour creation looks delish! Your persuasion class sounds really interesting, I wish my college offered a class like that.

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  7. So glad you do love those bars, those are my fave and Mikes fave! We actually went to target yesterday and bought two boxes of them! Mike eats one everyday pretty much! I love them!

    Love you! xoxo

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