So, You Bought an Eighth of a Cow…

Last weekend, I went home to the island, to attend a party my mom was throwing.

A few weeks ago, she and some friends (whom she rides horses with), all pitched in and bought cow parts from a “local, sustainably raised” cow, near the island. Thing is, my mom isn’t much of a meat/beef eater….

“So you bought an eighth of a cow?!”….

“Yes…So I’m going to have a party and cook it..”

And party, we did!

Regardless of the fact that I am a vegetarian, I was game. Hey, at least it was sustainably raised… and I didn’t have to eat any ;P Plus, I brought a favorite as-of-late addition to the fabulous spread my mom put out,

Mushroom and Veggie Chips with Baba Ganoush!

These were seriously so. good. Myself and my friend (also a veg) definitely did some work on that guy 😉

We had about fifteen people total,

Tons of food,


We also got take out sushi which I also helped to dominate ;), lots of cheeses and crackers,  olives, chips and guacamole, mini loaf cakes brought by someone who works at a fantastic bakery in Pike Place Market, roasted vegetables that I made, a quinoa dish my mom made, salmon skewers….and more!……

Lots to drink,


We made sangria! a martini glass 😉

Oh, and not to mention dessert… there were four pies brought I think? Plus a cake, and mini chocolate cups to fill with a dessert wine!

Chocolate cups with Dessert Wine

A really fun night! Great to catch up with some riding friends I haven’t seen in forever, and always good to be home for a night! 😀

We all went to bed full and happy, and the next morning met up with friends for coffee after brunch with my Daddoo.

Came home later that evening and got back to life, back to reality for the week ahead.

I am still going strong with my thirty-day challenge; actually about to go jet off to a noon hot power yoga class. I also had a midterm this morning and another class (Interviewing) later today, and with work… I’m still busy

But.. also looking forward to fun upcoming things, like:

  • dinner tonight with Jackie at Sushiland –been too long in my opinion 😉
  • after dinner date with the Bachelor — we need to catch up on this week’s episode online!!
  • My little sister coming to visit for my birthday this weekend — a few weeks early but hey, I’ll take it!!

Gotta jet to that yoga class!! BE back later! 😀

What are you looking forward to?

Have you seen this week’s Bachelor?

What was the last dinner / fun party you went to?


5 responses to “So, You Bought an Eighth of a Cow…

  1. oh my i havent had Baba Ganoush in forever!! now i’m craving it 🙂

  2. looks like a fun party! I wish I could of came! I would of dominated the sushi, the veggie platter you brought, and the sangria ; )

    Have fun at sushiland tonight and yay for your sis coming to visit you !!!

    love u! xoxo

  3. My dad has thought about buying 1/4 or 1/2 a cow and freezing it..I’m all for sustainable, humanely-raised sources of meat!!
    Glad you had fun at the party ❤

  4. Fuuuuun I love dinner parties! 😀 That babaganoush looks amaze…but I’ve never had babaganoush. 😦

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