Sushi is My Favorite!!

Said in the voice of Buddy the Elf, “Smiling’s my favorite”! 😀

Really though, sushi is my favorite. It has the power to turn a bad day around….especially when enjoyed with a good friend 😉


The Beauty of Conveyor belt Sushi 🙂


Today started early. I was not too stoked when my alarm went off bright and early at 5:30, telling me it was time to pull myself out of bed and go to a 6 am yoga (the only one I could really fit in my schedule today) as per my 30-day challenge. I almost didn’t go – could have easily rolled back over and slept that extra hour – but I did, and I was so glad I did. The challenge is over in a few short days –I will do a recap post to follow up– but until then I really want to stick it out. 🙂

Came home from yoga and may or may not have jumped back in bed for thirty more minutes 😉 before getting up to go to Neighborhood Nutrition (got a GPS device today for a group project; we are taking turns ‘tracking’ our food spending and location this week) and then to work, for six hours. Work was….work. But there were some annoying things that happened today, that even office break room munchies,

A random few slivers of some kind of donut / cake thing this morning. too sugary, but good.

and a new-to-me lunch,


Kettle Cuisine Brand tomato vegetable soup I picked up the other weekend at Whole Foods

Sprinkled with nutritional yeast, with a side sliver of pizza "breadstick" and some unpictured crispy and mary's crackers for crunch....Soup was good to try, but too salty!

…didn’t seem to fix.


But….sushi redeemed the day after all!

After last night’s sushi / friend date had failed (she had to work later than I thought), I was happily surprised when it ended up working out tonight (she got off early and we were in the same area at the same time – love that!) We hit up my usual and favorite spot,


Per usual, we got tons of plate, green tea, and for me, ginger (I love the stuff!!!) and shared everything. Sharing really is best when it comes to sushi, friends. You get to try more things that way! 🙂

Here are some of the highlights:

seafood island: mixed seafood pieces with seaweed salad

a new one! eel and crab with avocado and eel sauce!

the yellow roll -- the house roll: cooked tuna, crab and cucumber wrapped in egg

more sushi goods..


Yay, I now have a happy sushi belly and ready to take on tomorrow: eight hours of work, a hot hatha class after work…… and then, who knows? It is will be Friday!

How do you deal with stressssss or feeling over run?!

Last time you had sushi? What is your favorite type / roll?!


Night night!



Random musing: I saw this sparkling water at Trader Joe’s the other day and had a random craving for it. My older sister always drinks what she calls “selzer” (Seltzer, Morgan?) water, and seeing it made me miss her…. and buy some 😉 Do you have any foods / drinks that remind you of people??

"Selzer" water

Likewise, my little sister got me turned on to these gummy vitamins; get your vitamins! 😀

Sour gummy vitamins a la Target!



11 responses to “Sushi is My Favorite!!

  1. Sushi makes me happy and when paired with Sake, really happy!!!

    Glad you got to get some sushiland, and sharing is caring ; ) its good to share sushi!

    Its awesome your 30 day challenge is going great! When is the last day of it?!

    Have a great day girl and yay for friday!!! No big plans here! Mike is supposed to get dinner to bring home and then we are going to have wine too ; ) just romantic night at home!

    p.s. anthony has those vitamins, he loves them!

    • Sounds like you guys did have a fun friday night dinner date too! 🙂

      thirty day challenge going great, tonight is the last night i think!
      honestly pretty glad it’s over though,
      starting to get tired out!!

  2. i love how creative sushi chefs get! YUM

  3. Sushiland fun!!!! I went and ate at a place where the sushi went around and you grab it and I got so confused at what everything was!

    • Yeah that happens to me sometimes! sometimes you just have to roll with it and try the crazy looking stuff…sometimes not! ha!

  4. Hahaha that’s one of my favorite parts of Elf! That and “SANTA?! OH MY GOD I KNOW HIM!” Or “YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES!”. That whole movie, really.

  5. Elf is one of the most quotable movies–LOVE it!!

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