My Weekend!!

I had a great weekend! Did you? 😀

Let’s see… ice skating, hanging with my sister, a party Saturday and Sunday nights, the Superbowl… a busy weekend, but fun!

Friday night:

Ice skating was fun, but cold! I hadn’t been skating in probably, oh, ten years?! Anyway, once we were done, we somehow ended up at Menchie’s…

This is quickly becoming a bad habit 😉

Coconut, cookies n cream and chocolate flavors with candy and cookie... and maybe one or two lone blueberries 😀


Started as it normally does: an early am hot power yoga followed by shower and farmer’s market trip…

Kinda cold and rainy today!

I picked up some vegan, gluten-free donut holes for us to share later…and then it was off to meet my sister! As I mentioned, she came into town this weekend to celebrate my birthday early with me! We met up and first thing was first: lunch! We went to Whole Foods of course,

Whole Foods Loot!

See that big cake-looking box? My sister got a taco salad (this one has a taco/burrito bar!), they put it in there! I hit up the salad bar myself, in addition to the free samples throughout the store, of course, and loaded up my salad with kale, beets, tofu, some ginger soy sauce broccoli, a bit of mozzarella pasta salad….and more that I probably can’t remember 😉

Salad beast with pretty much a little of all the vegetarian salads :)!

Then we hit the nearby mall, strolled around and stopped in Harry and David for more free samples 😉 We had intended to go see Blue Valentine, but it wasn’t playing there. It was playing on the island, so decided to go all the way back over and see it there.

My thoughts? I was anticipating more of the movie. More “love story-ness” too, which it really wasn’t. It was much more drama than love story, and while I think the actors did a great job, it was just kind of… depressing. Still, good to see though, and we got to use up some Christmas gift certificates for the theatre!

Later that night, we may have had a small ‘get together’ at my parents house – they were in Vegas, and hey, somebody needs to make use of the house ;P!

Hers and Hers drinks 🙂

A fun party indeed 😀

Also fun, was being able to cuddle with my kitty!!!!!!!!!! I miss Roxie so much at school!!!! 😦

Ah, the incredibly hard life she leads ;P


Sunday morning we were up early. Hayley had to start the long drive home and I had to head home myself, to study, unpack and then attend a Superbowl party!!

On the ferry, coming home


The party was so much fun! I have gone to this same Superbowl party three years in a row now, it was great seeing everyone and catching up. There was an incredible spread of goods – shoulda snapped a picture – and some “Jerry Punch” aka the cook’s mystery punch. Didn’t actually watch much of the game –was busy talking to people, but still had a fun time!

 Now I am catching up on blogs work in the library,

Tonight I have my very last day of my thirty day challenge hot yoga (& cleaning the studio) and tomorrow: school and work. Potentially I am either going to Canada or a mini road trip to see a friend this weekend – either would be so fun, so I will  let you know 🙂


Did you watch the Superbowl? Did you go to a party? What was the best commercial?

What is your favorite Superbowl party food?

Musing: Check out this cork board I put up in my room yesterday. Not gonna lie; I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out, power drill and all! Will be great for inspiration boards, and fun things to put up!

Corkboard a la Jac!

❤ Jac!


14 responses to “My Weekend!!

  1. Cute pics! Glad you had a great weekend! I recognize that farmers market 😉 I didnt watch the superbowl but went to disneyland instead so it was all good. Hummus+veg are my fave sports watching food though!

    • Disneyland is a pretty good alternative 😉 Humus and veg are great snacks! <–THat was me and my sister Saturday night lol, humus, veggie chips AND guacamole. wow, good combo ha!

  2. omg your cat is too cute!!!!

    Ice skating I am not good at, I would be on my booty more than my feet : p lol!

    Im so glad you had a fun weekend with your sister!!!! I love the fro yo pic, looks so good! I have not had fro yo in forever!

    Have a great night love! xoxo

    • Yeah I’m glad I didn’t fall – I’m sure with your dance tho, you’d be fine! Thanks, I miss my kitty when I’m gone :/ she is soooo cute hmm
      You too – have a great night!
      Get some fro yo in Chicago! 😛 😉

  3. Roxie is very cute! 🙂 Peanut had a black & white sibling believe it or not! And I wanted to get him too, but we just couldn’t take on two cats with our current situation (with the apartments, moving, and all).

  4. We need a Menchies date!! And which rink was that?! I know em alllllllllllllll.

    And I want to meet Roxie someday.

    HURRAY FOR WHOLE FOODS!! And yay for fun times with friends.

    And your sis got a WF TACO SALADDDDDDDDDD?! i MUST TRY!!!!

    Saw you have a b-day coming up!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Resend your addy to me missy!! (via email or fbk or watev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Yes, a Menchie’s date would be great – starting to love that place!! 😀
      The rink was off Aurora.. kinda small and a bunch of construction around there right now… ?
      Meet Roxie! You must! 😉
      You must also try the taco salad – this was from Bellevue Whole Foods though – and was good!!!!

      Yes my Bday!! Invited you on my run on Thursday and to dinner before lemme know if you can come, would love to have you! Will send you my address! Thanks girl!!

  5. ohhhh what a rebel! house party while the rents are out of town! damn i wish i was there lol! i suck at ice skating tho…it takes me so long to get the hang of it!

    you and your sister are so naturally beautiful and super cute!! ❤

    • Hahah I know… I feel like I am too old for that now too lol 😛 But I actually told my mom about it the next day I was like yeah.. we had some people over last night… she didn’t care lol. although.. I didn’t tell her about the hookah in the living room and we cleaned up :D….
      anyway i get the vegan gf donuts at our farmer’s market.. they are a local company, but really good!

  6. btw did you say gluten-free donut holes?? omg i want some!!! ❤

  7. Haha. I think I have the same board up with my inspiration board on it! 😀

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