It’s official, I am sick.

I guess that’s what work, school, a weekend in Canada (times two in the past few weeks!) and walking in the rain Saturday will do to a girl……….

Last night, I hung out and watched a bit of the Grammy’s with my friend Jackie.. Fro yo may or may not have also been involved 😉

Mechie's Self Serve with some yum toppings 😀

We got it to go and headed back to watch Lady Gaga pop out of an egg, and Beiber and Usher (and Will Smith’s little son!!) sing and dance… thoughts on the show?? I really wasn’t a fan of Christina Aguilara during the opening act — talk about takeover!

I woke up for class this morning at 7:45 and there was just. no. way. I went back to sleep and pulled myself together for a meeting, coffee in tow,

It's rainboot wearin weather 😛

 Cold, rainy and ohsogrey out there… only one class left today, then working on some papers, another meeting and yoga and cleaning the studio tonight.

Now I am in the library, trying to catch up  on work,

Valentine's Apple a la Julie 🙂

Not very Valentine’s-y but hey…

There’s always cookies.. 😀

Back later with my Part 2 Recap!!

❤ J.

How are you celebrating?

Did you catch my Vancouver Part 1 Recap??


4 responses to “Sick.

  1. Awwww, feel better girl ❤

  2. Feel better love bug : (

    love your cute rain boots!!!

  3. Aww no girl!! I’m getting sick too, it sucks 😦 I hope you feel better soon!

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