Vancouver: Recap Part 2!!

Hey guys!! How’s your Tuesday going?!

Only two more days till my birthday!!!!!! That’s right, the big 2-1 on Thursday!!!
I’m hoping to feel better by then though because currently I am not feeling so hot: sore and scratchy throat, runny nose, headaches and all……


But, back to the second part of my recap!! When I had just left off,  I told you about the dress I wore to dinner,

I chose option B!

Dinner was at Milestone’s Bar and Grille in Vancouver. There were about sixty of us total, dates included and the menu was prix fixe. My date and I shared some amazing coconut prawns in a sweet chili sauce, I chose the spring salad with candied pecans, goat cheese and strawberries and then the meal finished with apple crisp with vanilla ice cream! Oh, and there may have been some of this as well!…

Blue ❤

I have a weird affinity for blue drinks 😀


On the walk back from dinner (it had cleared up a lot by that time!) we stopped by a legendary place…….the original Lululemon!!!!!!!!

Did you know it started in Vancouver??!

We headed back to the hotel and later, out to a club where we were guest listed. It was the one-year anniversary of last year’s Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver this weekend, so the whole street was blocked off and everything was a party… I heard people out until probably 4 or 5 in the morning!! Suffice it to say, I had a really good time 😉



The next morning came too soon and too early and soon it was time to head home 😦 I had a great weekend though, SO glad I went. I We all need more spontaneous “why not go to Canada this weekend” trips, don’t you agree? Sometimes you just have to say screw the workout / plans / stuff I have to do this weekend and do something fun, something needed for you (or me) 😉

What’s the last totally spontaneous thing you have done… how did it turn out – good OR bad?!


3 responses to “Vancouver: Recap Part 2!!

  1. Wow late night there girl! Its been forever since I have been out late, Mike and I are old people, lol!

    Happy almost birthday! I so WISH I could spend it with you at the cheesecake dinner! I also hope you get your lulu present you said you might of got!

    Love you and get ALL the way feeling better! xoxo

  2. awe I wish I had known you were i Van City!!

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