My Birthday, Revisited!

So, about my birthday,

It started with a great gift from my big!….

A handmade "21 run" sign!

The festivities continued with a group dinner…. the Cheesecake Factory!

Of course, being my 21st and all, I had to have a drink bought for me order a drink….

First drink of the night, the "bikini martini" at Cheesecake Factory. My 'big' sis bought it for me, so sweet and was delish!!

One of the best parts of dinner at Cheesecake Factory?….

Their brown bread! Love it!

Dinner was fabulous and the company, better. It was good to get some food in me, for the upcoming night. Also…..

...getting sung to and sharing their free sundae!

After dinner, I went to my friend Chris’s house, where he continued the ‘run/sign’ theme and made me a birthday shot. He is a bartender and knows his stuff….

"Birthday cake" #2 for the sign!

At Chris’s, posing with my sign….

It’s important to come prepared for these things ;)…..

Marc Jacobs clutch (again), phone and ID, of course 😉

A little later, we headed out to the bars. I had lots of friends come out to help wish me a Happy Birthday…..

And lots of these bought for me!!!!!!……….


Free drinks....... this was an AMF, one of my fave mixed drinks. I actually sipped slowly on this and passed on some of the shots... whisky = no thanks 😛

More time spent at the bar.. 😉

We left that bar and had one more stop to make before the night was over…..

We ended at another famous university district bar... but I actually didn't get a chance to try their famous Long Island Iced Tea. Oh well, still had fun getting down on the dance floor!!

and [(***Cough, yummmmmm)]…..


HE walked me home 😉

All iin all, a very fun night! My night because of the people who came out and celebrated with me. I loved all the Facebook shouts, messages and posts, the texts and calls on my bday, but mostly getting to see friends that I don’t have a chance to that often anymore… I really felt special this year. Having drinks bought for you and cards and presents is great and all… but really to me, it’s more about the friendships and the memories you make together. Perhaps corny, but true. 😀

So while the ’21 run’ notion may be to drink as hard and fast as you can on your 21st, that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to remember my birthday! I did drink, and I was ready to go to bed when my head hit the pillow that night, but I didn’t feel completely awful the next morning. I thank slowing down in between drinks, sipping on the nice mixed drinks and nixing the nasty shots. 😀


Are you 21? What did you do for your last birthday?

Favorite place to go for birthday dinners? I kind of would have liked to go for sushi, but I had a Cheesecake gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I feel like it’s a good group place… bonus: those cocktails….. 😉


6 responses to “My Birthday, Revisited!

  1. Happy birthday girl!! Looks like such a fun night- I’m glad you celebrated your way, instead of getting blacked out!

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  3. yayyy loved this post!!! and glad you didnt black out on your 21 run!! way to keep it classssssssssy!!

    you looked gorg!

  4. I just got to see your birthday recaps!! How fun! U looked beautiful too, love the lipstick color girl!!! Cheesecake rocks!! Their bread is awesome but I try not to eat it because it fills me up!!! I am so glad you got your LULU hoodie too!!! yay!!!! Muah! xoxo

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