Ah, Saturdays……..mine was a Daze….


After working all day Friday (we had a Wellness / on site health screening event at work that I had planned so I was there at 7:30 am!),

Goodie bags I made to give out: raw almonds and dried cranberries for a healthy snack attack :). Enjoyed these at my desk over the course of Friday!

..I met a friend for dinner at my favorite spot, after hot yoga. We had to wait a LONG time though.. it was crowded!

My Saturdaze started bright and early with hot yoga. I had to squeeze in my yoga, and errands all before catching a ferry home to the island. On the agenda for this weekend included a very important task of getting my licnese renewed, had to make it before the DMV closed!

But first, I stopped by the farmer’s market to get some of my favorite chocolate bread,

and Whole Food’s for an obligatory iced coffee (and free Saturday sample!)

Hello Turtle Brownie sample 😉

Anyway, got to the island, then to the DMV in the next town over and got my new license. Then it was on to shop for the dinner I made last night for our little Oscar viewing…

Just a few of the groceries, from WF: coconut butter (!!!!), baba ganoush, onion, eggplant, tomato sauce

eggplant and chicken parmesan!!! I love taking full advantage of a full kitchen when I am home!!

It. was. SO. good.

plus seconds and thirds ;)…

Loved last night’s Oscars! And the fashions.. what were your favorites? I really liked Scarlett Johansen’s dress, and Mila Kunis’…

And I was so happy for Natalie Portman’s big win – saw that coming!!!!


Other note-worthy mentionables of the weekend….

banana bread a la hayley, with white chocolate wonderful....times a million ha 😉

Visiting Gaston yesterday!

Miss my boy when I'm away!

He likes to roll around on the ground and get dirty 🙂



Now I’m back at school, sitting in my Persuasion class watching group presentations *should probably get back to that….* I have quite a busy week ahead, but looking forward to some fun things coming up too! Pretty much every day this week is scheduled to the max, but the end of next week, I go to Vegas with my mom!! So, stoked for that!!!


Did you watch the Oscars? Who wore it best in your mind??!

What was the best thing you did / saw / ate / made this weekend?!


2 responses to “SaturDaze.

  1. DELICIOUS looking turtle brownie sample! YAY for hot yoga too 😀

  2. That chocolate bread sounds amazing girl!!!

    You know I watched the oscars! We had a fun night doing that!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend! love ya! xoxo

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