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Fun Plans Tonight

Hey hey hey πŸ™‚
Hope your Thursday is going swimmingly….. (I always think of Dori, “just keep swimming”…)


I am at work right now, but wanted to share my fun plans for the evening!

Including a yum sushi dinner and seeing Billy Elliot on stage!

Should be fun and I will be sure to report back!!

What are your Thursday night plans?

Spring Break.

Back to life, back to reality today, yesterday, but I had a great ten-day spring break! It started with a wedding in Portland last weekend, Saturday night…

*remember when I went through the Portland train station when visiting my sister last fall? Took the train again last weekend, had a funny & interesting experience sitting with a Bachelor party that was going down, made some friends…

hung out with my sister, (and hit up our fave restaurants!),




commuted from home,


Gorgeous morning crossing...I do miss that view



worked a lot bit,


TAO memories πŸ˜‰


had a guest come visit, whom i showed around Seattle, and the island,

and finished the week with yoga reorganizing my room, hanging out and catching up with a friend and going to Susssssssssssssshi πŸ˜€

A fly-by week for sure, it felt!! This week will be a crazybusy one, full of trying to get in classes (but, already going v. well!) including FRENCH (<–back in the game language aftera brieft hiatus; a little scareed, but also excited!) work, my usual Monday sorority meeting and hot yoga, cleaning the studio, etc etc..


Glad to be back though! Looks like this will be a full quarter for me, but I am ready. πŸ˜€


What classes are you taking this quarter?

What did you do over Spring Break, if you get one?!

Vegas, continued!

Wow, this post is LONG OVERDUE, but on account of finals, and now being on spring break I haven’t had a free moment, so here is the rest of my Vegas recap!

Continuing with where we left off…After Friday night, Saturday we looked around, hung by the pool, visited some more resorts. We had a mini ‘World Tour’ during our vegas weekend taking us places like Venice, Paris, Egypt, New York City, etc, etc…

Saturday night, after exploring the shops beneath the Venetian, we headed to Tao, where the plan was to just get a drink, then dinner somewhere else. We had reservations for Mystere, a Cir du Soleil show that night, and ended up running out of time, so we had dinner there too. Let me just say, holy amazing: Tao is top ten Β five probably my favorite place I have eaten/drank/been at of all time. The decor was very Far Eastern influenced, with tons of Buddahs, dark colors, Zen gardens, fountains, statues, etc. It was beautiful, lovely and the sushi menu was amazing as well: we got two rolls, some tempura and aps and shared everything. Oh, and I can’t forget that ahmazing Tiger Lily cocktail I got…

Mystere was amazing too πŸ™‚ Very random and didn’t exactly make sense in terms of a ‘show’ but the acrobatic/dance talent was certainly apparent and it was definitely intriguing and entertaining.

Later that night *after some Ventian yoga – notice howΒ I didn’t fall in the fountain!* we went back to TAO. Β Dane Cook was hosting for his birthday that night, which we had all managed to get free tickets for. Let me just say if I thought Tao was amazing as a restaurant/lounge, it certainly did not disappoint as a nightclub πŸ™‚ (oh, and I may have met someone ;))

The night ended late early due to Daylight Savings, and Sunday morning came fast. All of a sudden it was time to say “Goodbye” to my sister, sending her on her way..

Thanks to the power of social media, Facebook informed my cousin, who was visting Vegas for the weekend with her boyfriend, from Florida, that I would be in town. We were able to meet up quickly for brunch Sunday before hopping on our plane home.

Such a truly amazing and memorable weekend with my mom and sister. My Mom did a great job of making me feel completely spoiled in celebrating my 21st Birthday. From the dinners, to the drinks, to flying my sister out (!!), to first class on the way home,

Without doubt, the best trip/memory of 2011!!

What has been your best memory or trip of the year so far?!

[regular blogging will now resume! :D]



<3, Jac

Vegas, Full of Surprises

Vegas was in a word, amazing.

As you know, my Mom and I had been planning this Mother-daughter trip for weeks now,


Little did I know my older sister was in on it. She surprised me at the airport, having flown in from Philadelphia for the weekend! I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, and to say I was overly happy/shocked/surprised would be an understatement… tears of joy may have were definitely had.

Getting ready in the airport bathroom, how we do πŸ˜‰

Another thing about this weekend?! It was a bit of a ‘World Tour’…..

Starting with lunch in “Paris” *aka at Mon Ami Gabi the Paris resort Casino*. The weather was perfect, I may have gotten a bit of a burn tan. πŸ˜€

Popping celebratory champagne,

Shared appetizers: scallops, shrimp cocktail, warm olives,

Baby bib lettuce, honeycrisp, beets, goat cheese,

Some of the. best. Sangria I have had, to date,

We continued our trip with a walk through the Millennium Mall, and then on to New York City,

The Cosmopolitan casino – new!,

*Check out that chandelier!*

We continued exploring the strip, headed back to our hotel, where the wait was over an hour long to check in (I kid you not!), relaxed a bit, and then headed out to dinner at Nobu at the Hardrock Hotel,

Yeah, we may have been a *little* happy to see each other,


Black cod lettuce wraps,

Yellowtail with jalapeno,

Kelp and Seaweed salad,

Nobu had been on my “must” list for some time, and it was great! Very elegant, and good food and drink to boot! I thought it was more of a ‘traditional’ sushi restaurant, but as you can see, not really the case – their specialties are more small hot and cold plates and sashimi plates. Regardless, we really enjoyed it!


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the recap!!
Until then, you should know, our night ended here,

Loved. Amazing.


Have you been to Vegas? Favorite part / place / casino / restaurant?!!

What’s the best surprise that has ever been pulled off on you? – I have to say, I was totally surprised with Morgan showing up at the airport – they thought there had been some *slips* last week and it wouldn’t work out, but I was shocked!! And I never get surprised – well done guys!

Grocery Haul and Dinner with the Rents!

Last weekend, after my sorority day Saturday and a major paper writing fest Saturday night (two papers, done! Not the most exciting Saturday night, but hey), I ventured to the Island Sunday….

Ferry ride home, paper writin' fueled by Whole Foods iced drip and free samples!

My Dad, who has been getting in to cooking recently, had bought a bunch of swordfish to cook up Sunday night. I’m not a huge fishy-fish lover, but I thought it turned out pretty well!

Swordfish, salad and an eggplant bok choy stir fry

That night, I went to see a friend and catch up, whose Grandmother had just passed away. They are staying in her house, preparing it to be sold. They seemed sad, but I was glad to be there for her and her mom.

Before our fishy feast, I made a grocery haul! Check out all these good!

Check it out!

Bars, PB Puffins, eggplant and bok choy (which I made into a stir fry for dinner), frozen broc, a beet salad from the bar, salmon orzo Lean Cuisine, new ice cream (!), gum, baba ganoush, rice crackers and nutritional yeast (made more kale chips!!)…

You know this had to whipped out Sunday night…..


Triple chocolate, Peanut butter ice cream?! Yes, please!

May or may not have gone back for more ;)..

Monday morning came early, I had to be awake and ready for an early ferry back to the city. My ‘bux definitely helped,

Shot in the dark. Coffee in traffic.


This week is major countdown mode! Next week is all finals, but this week I had (those two I did Saturday night) papers due, a bunch of work-related stuff, of course yoga and cleaning the studio…. BUT COUNTDOWN TO FRIDAY!! Friday I leave for Vegas for the weekend, can’t wait!

Oh, and Cereal Messes are Ba-aacccccck!

Kamut puffs, pb puffins, a little kellog's strawberries, sf jam, dcd pb, TJs almond milk and vega chai infusion.....x2 πŸ˜€

Off to get ready for an interview I have (more of an oral final) for a class this afternoon, run some errands, etc!

Happy Humpday!!

Did you give anything up for Lent?!!

What are you looking forward to this coming weekend?!


Musing: I got to see this face when I was home this weekend,

I also cleaned the kitchen for my parents Sunday night. I like to do something nice for them when I come home sometimes….

Clean Kitchen!


Dinner From a (Little Green) Box.

Thank you, Whole Foods for providing me dinner from a box tonight, and a wholelottafree”appetizers”intheformoffreesamples this evening,

Let’s see….

Doesn’t look like much, but this salad contained: tofu, tuna, mixed greens and arugala, mixed toasted nuts, some spinach/pesto salad, broc, feta and a few dried cranberries, to which I added some more lettuce and mygirlsfavorite Annie’s Honey Mustard dressing Β Yummmz!

Thank you W(holy) Foods!! πŸ˜€



Today, my Mom and I attended my sorority’s annual day, a lunch at a West Seattle seafood place, it was well attended, and a gorgeous day out!

backlight, boo!

Tonight has been……

Neighborhood Nutrition paper, email, studying, blog reading....

and because I was hungry snacky after my Whole Foods,

Ensalada refill, this time topped with a few walnuts and feta, edaname crackers and kamut puff *croutons*

with a side of Sushi cravings πŸ˜›


Okay, time for this study break to be over!! I am determined to finish my second paper tonight (for Persuasion class, on my group project presentation) because if I do I am *allowing* myself to go home and chill tomorrow / for the night.. I actually don’t have class Monday, and home is technically closer to work, so I will stay there, but I know I won’t get much done… SO TONIGHT BLOGGIES, I WILL FINISH!!!!!! YES, HELLLLLLLLO MOTIVATION :D!!
DO YOU SET GOALS/INCENTIVES FOR YOURSELF to get things done = some kind of reward?! For me, I want to finish most of my work tonight, then tomorrow –> yoga and home to my kitty and Cindy and maybe dinner out and a movie (!)



gotta get to it, !!

J$ πŸ˜‰

Just [lifeisCrazy] !

Hey guys, just popping in! Can’t believe it’s been so many days since I posted last.

Things (work, school, yoga, sorority, friends, family) have been kind of crazy, but……..

Next week I’m going to Vegas, baby!!!!!!!

This is where I will be one week from tonight, yep next Friday night, we have reservations at the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay!!!!

Stoked, I am πŸ˜€

Alright, just got back from Hot Yoga, and before that: work and a study abroad info meeting (!) for Paris this fall. Lots of fun things to be looking forward to / anticipating, but first:

  • Neighborhood Nutrition Paper due Tuesday
  • Persuasion Paper due Wednesday (my group presentation went well πŸ™‚ )
  • Finals, finals, finals!!!!!!!!!!!! <— BOOOOOO

..and tomorrow I have a sorority daytime event that my mom is actually coming over for, so tonight is gonna be a low-key night: dinner and homework on the agenda.

What are you doing this Friday night?

Ever been to Vegas?! I went once when I was 13 – but that doesn’t really count ;P What should I do / see / go??

What do you have in your life that you are looking forward to or anticipating?!