Just [lifeisCrazy] !

Hey guys, just popping in! Can’t believe it’s been so many days since I posted last.

Things (work, school, yoga, sorority, friends, family) have been kind of crazy, but……..

Next week I’m going to Vegas, baby!!!!!!!

This is where I will be one week from tonight, yep next Friday night, we have reservations at the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay!!!!

Stoked, I am 😀

Alright, just got back from Hot Yoga, and before that: work and a study abroad info meeting (!) for Paris this fall. Lots of fun things to be looking forward to / anticipating, but first:

  • Neighborhood Nutrition Paper due Tuesday
  • Persuasion Paper due Wednesday (my group presentation went well 🙂 )
  • Finals, finals, finals!!!!!!!!!!!! <— BOOOOOO

..and tomorrow I have a sorority daytime event that my mom is actually coming over for, so tonight is gonna be a low-key night: dinner and homework on the agenda.

What are you doing this Friday night?

Ever been to Vegas?! I went once when I was 13 – but that doesn’t really count ;P What should I do / see / go??

What do you have in your life that you are looking forward to or anticipating?!


8 responses to “Just [lifeisCrazy] !

  1. how fun!! i want to go to Paris! sneak me in your largest suitcase please!

    • Haha if only!

      I’m excited about the prospect of Paris this fall, for sure! May need to turn this into a travel bloggie….. 😉

  2. squigglefloey

    You better take pics pretty lady! 🙂

  3. Ahh, nothing like a fun getaway. to be honest, I’ve never had a strong desire to go to Vegas. I would rather explore California I think (if I had to choose ha)

    Have a fantastic Saturday, love 🙂

    • Yeah cali is great too! 😀 I agree, Vegas isn’t the first thing I would think of, but definitely excited for it! PLus i think it is a good “21” trip, ya know?!

  4. Have a GREATTTTT weekend ❤

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