Dinner From a (Little Green) Box.

Thank you, Whole Foods for providing me dinner from a box tonight, and a wholelottafree”appetizers”intheformoffreesamples this evening,

Let’s see….

Doesn’t look like much, but this salad contained: tofu, tuna, mixed greens and arugala, mixed toasted nuts, some spinach/pesto salad, broc, feta and a few dried cranberries, to which I added some more lettuce and mygirlsfavorite Annie’s Honey Mustard dressing  Yummmz!

Thank you W(holy) Foods!! 😀



Today, my Mom and I attended my sorority’s annual day, a lunch at a West Seattle seafood place, it was well attended, and a gorgeous day out!

backlight, boo!

Tonight has been……

Neighborhood Nutrition paper, email, studying, blog reading....

and because I was hungry snacky after my Whole Foods,

Ensalada refill, this time topped with a few walnuts and feta, edaname crackers and kamut puff *croutons*

with a side of Sushi cravings 😛


Okay, time for this study break to be over!! I am determined to finish my second paper tonight (for Persuasion class, on my group project presentation) because if I do I am *allowing* myself to go home and chill tomorrow / for the night.. I actually don’t have class Monday, and home is technically closer to work, so I will stay there, but I know I won’t get much done… SO TONIGHT BLOGGIES, I WILL FINISH!!!!!! YES, HELLLLLLLLO MOTIVATION :D!!
DO YOU SET GOALS/INCENTIVES FOR YOURSELF to get things done = some kind of reward?! For me, I want to finish most of my work tonight, then tomorrow –> yoga and home to my kitty and Cindy and maybe dinner out and a movie (!)



gotta get to it, !!

J$ 😉


3 responses to “Dinner From a (Little Green) Box.

  1. I really see a strong resemblance to your mom!

  2. Good luck w/ everything–you can do it!!! 😀

  3. U are so adorable!!! I would of been hangry for sushi after reading my blog too! lol! It was so darn good!

    I am so excited for you, VEGAS soon for you! I cant wait to see the recaps from that trip!!!!!!!!!!

    Love u!!!!! xoxo

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