Grocery Haul and Dinner with the Rents!

Last weekend, after my sorority day Saturday and a major paper writing fest Saturday night (two papers, done! Not the most exciting Saturday night, but hey), I ventured to the Island Sunday….

Ferry ride home, paper writin' fueled by Whole Foods iced drip and free samples!

My Dad, who has been getting in to cooking recently, had bought a bunch of swordfish to cook up Sunday night. I’m not a huge fishy-fish lover, but I thought it turned out pretty well!

Swordfish, salad and an eggplant bok choy stir fry

That night, I went to see a friend and catch up, whose Grandmother had just passed away. They are staying in her house, preparing it to be sold. They seemed sad, but I was glad to be there for her and her mom.

Before our fishy feast, I made a grocery haul! Check out all these good!

Check it out!

Bars, PB Puffins, eggplant and bok choy (which I made into a stir fry for dinner), frozen broc, a beet salad from the bar, salmon orzo Lean Cuisine, new ice cream (!), gum, baba ganoush, rice crackers and nutritional yeast (made more kale chips!!)…

You know this had to whipped out Sunday night…..


Triple chocolate, Peanut butter ice cream?! Yes, please!

May or may not have gone back for more ;)..

Monday morning came early, I had to be awake and ready for an early ferry back to the city. My ‘bux definitely helped,

Shot in the dark. Coffee in traffic.


This week is major countdown mode! Next week is all finals, but this week I had (those two I did Saturday night) papers due, a bunch of work-related stuff, of course yoga and cleaning the studio…. BUT COUNTDOWN TO FRIDAY!! Friday I leave for Vegas for the weekend, can’t wait!

Oh, and Cereal Messes are Ba-aacccccck!

Kamut puffs, pb puffins, a little kellog's strawberries, sf jam, dcd pb, TJs almond milk and vega chai infusion.....x2 😀

Off to get ready for an interview I have (more of an oral final) for a class this afternoon, run some errands, etc!

Happy Humpday!!

Did you give anything up for Lent?!!

What are you looking forward to this coming weekend?!


Musing: I got to see this face when I was home this weekend,

I also cleaned the kitchen for my parents Sunday night. I like to do something nice for them when I come home sometimes….

Clean Kitchen!



6 responses to “Grocery Haul and Dinner with the Rents!

  1. ahh the weekend is almost here, hang in there!

  2. Your kitty is adorbs 🙂 And I love dreyer’s slow churned…so creamy 🙂

  3. awe i love your kitty! 🙂
    awesome kitchen! 😉 tee hee.. i love cleaning up … its like a good outlet when im anxious.

  4. Gotta love starbucks and pb ice cream ❤

  5. I can not wait to see your recap from Vegas! Hope your weekend there was amazing and I am so glad you texted me! I gave up CEREAL for lent! I am missing it!!!! Love you!

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