Vegas, Full of Surprises

Vegas was in a word, amazing.

As you know, my Mom and I had been planning this Mother-daughter trip for weeks now,


Little did I know my older sister was in on it. She surprised me at the airport, having flown in from Philadelphia for the weekend! I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, and to say I was overly happy/shocked/surprised would be an understatement… tears of joy may have were definitely had.

Getting ready in the airport bathroom, how we do 😉

Another thing about this weekend?! It was a bit of a ‘World Tour’…..

Starting with lunch in “Paris” *aka at Mon Ami Gabi the Paris resort Casino*. The weather was perfect, I may have gotten a bit of a burn tan. 😀

Popping celebratory champagne,

Shared appetizers: scallops, shrimp cocktail, warm olives,

Baby bib lettuce, honeycrisp, beets, goat cheese,

Some of the. best. Sangria I have had, to date,

We continued our trip with a walk through the Millennium Mall, and then on to New York City,

The Cosmopolitan casino – new!,

*Check out that chandelier!*

We continued exploring the strip, headed back to our hotel, where the wait was over an hour long to check in (I kid you not!), relaxed a bit, and then headed out to dinner at Nobu at the Hardrock Hotel,

Yeah, we may have been a *little* happy to see each other,


Black cod lettuce wraps,

Yellowtail with jalapeno,

Kelp and Seaweed salad,

Nobu had been on my “must” list for some time, and it was great! Very elegant, and good food and drink to boot! I thought it was more of a ‘traditional’ sushi restaurant, but as you can see, not really the case – their specialties are more small hot and cold plates and sashimi plates. Regardless, we really enjoyed it!


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the recap!!
Until then, you should know, our night ended here,

Loved. Amazing.


Have you been to Vegas? Favorite part / place / casino / restaurant?!!

What’s the best surprise that has ever been pulled off on you? – I have to say, I was totally surprised with Morgan showing up at the airport – they thought there had been some *slips* last week and it wouldn’t work out, but I was shocked!! And I never get surprised – well done guys!


3 responses to “Vegas, Full of Surprises

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Sounds like you guys had tons of fun! Vegas is definitely on my list of place to-go!

  2. i have aaaaaaaaaaaaaalways wanted to go to vegas!!!!!
    looks like a blasty!

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