Vegas, continued!

Wow, this post is LONG OVERDUE, but on account of finals, and now being on spring break I haven’t had a free moment, so here is the rest of my Vegas recap!

Continuing with where we left off…After Friday night, Saturday we looked around, hung by the pool, visited some more resorts. We had a mini ‘World Tour’ during our vegas weekend taking us places like Venice, Paris, Egypt, New York City, etc, etc…

Saturday night, after exploring the shops beneath the Venetian, we headed to Tao, where the plan was to just get a drink, then dinner somewhere else. We had reservations for Mystere, a Cir du Soleil show that night, and ended up running out of time, so we had dinner there too. Let me just say, holy amazing: Tao is top ten  five probably my favorite place I have eaten/drank/been at of all time. The decor was very Far Eastern influenced, with tons of Buddahs, dark colors, Zen gardens, fountains, statues, etc. It was beautiful, lovely and the sushi menu was amazing as well: we got two rolls, some tempura and aps and shared everything. Oh, and I can’t forget that ahmazing Tiger Lily cocktail I got…

Mystere was amazing too 🙂 Very random and didn’t exactly make sense in terms of a ‘show’ but the acrobatic/dance talent was certainly apparent and it was definitely intriguing and entertaining.

Later that night *after some Ventian yoga – notice how I didn’t fall in the fountain!* we went back to TAO.  Dane Cook was hosting for his birthday that night, which we had all managed to get free tickets for. Let me just say if I thought Tao was amazing as a restaurant/lounge, it certainly did not disappoint as a nightclub 🙂 (oh, and I may have met someone ;))

The night ended late early due to Daylight Savings, and Sunday morning came fast. All of a sudden it was time to say “Goodbye” to my sister, sending her on her way..

Thanks to the power of social media, Facebook informed my cousin, who was visting Vegas for the weekend with her boyfriend, from Florida, that I would be in town. We were able to meet up quickly for brunch Sunday before hopping on our plane home.

Such a truly amazing and memorable weekend with my mom and sister. My Mom did a great job of making me feel completely spoiled in celebrating my 21st Birthday. From the dinners, to the drinks, to flying my sister out (!!), to first class on the way home,

Without doubt, the best trip/memory of 2011!!

What has been your best memory or trip of the year so far?!

[regular blogging will now resume! :D]



<3, Jac


5 responses to “Vegas, continued!

  1. WOW! You look amazing, I have read your blog for so long and I have to say you have been looking so much healthier lately :). Very beautiful, so glad you had a great time!

  2. You look like you were having SO MUCH FUN!!!

  3. I love Tao too! Its my fave club in Vegas!!!! I am so glad you had a great trip!!! You deserved it!!!!! Love you! xoxo

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