Spring Break.

Back to life, back to reality today, yesterday, but I had a great ten-day spring break! It started with a wedding in Portland last weekend, Saturday night…

*remember when I went through the Portland train station when visiting my sister last fall? Took the train again last weekend, had a funny & interesting experience sitting with a Bachelor party that was going down, made some friends…

hung out with my sister, (and hit up our fave restaurants!),




commuted from home,


Gorgeous morning crossing...I do miss that view



worked a lot bit,


TAO memories šŸ˜‰


had a guest come visit, whom i showed around Seattle, and the island,

and finished the week with yoga reorganizing my room, hanging out and catching up with a friend and going to Susssssssssssssshi šŸ˜€

A fly-by week for sure, it felt!! This week will be a crazybusy one, full of trying to get in classes (but, already going v. well!) including FRENCH (<–back in the game language aftera brieft hiatus; a little scareed, but also excited!) work, my usual Monday sorority meeting and hot yoga, cleaning the studio, etc etc..


Glad to be back though! Looks like this will be a full quarter for me, but I am ready. šŸ˜€


What classes are you taking this quarter?

What did you do over Spring Break, if you get one?!


4 responses to “Spring Break.

  1. Ahh goodluck with trying to add classes! This is my first week back after spring break too šŸ˜¦
    Wishing you a wonderful quarter!
    ps. What sorority are you in?

  2. Hi love! I was thinking about you, was going to text you! Im glad you are well!!!

    Hope your week is good!!!! xoxo love ya!

  3. Looks like you have a fun Spring Break! Vacations are so needed and I wish there could be room and time for more.

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