Dhalia Lounge.

Billy Elliot last Thursday night, and then dinner at one  of the five top rated Seattle restaurants Tuesday?! I feel spoiled!

I was super excited to meet my Dad after work at Dhalia Lounge, a Tom Douglas restaurant I have been wanting to try for-everrr!!

The menu is heavy on “small plates” and appetizers (oh, and seafood heaven!) so that’s how we rolled; we shared a spicy crab, shrimp salad and oyster ap, in addition to their daily Amouse Bouche,

Amouse Bouche - some kind of yogurt masala with red pepper and pita chip croutons - really good!

For my meal I decided to order more appetizers instead of an entree: I got a mixed greens salad with a goat cheese crostini (the selling point 😉 ) a Cuttle fish small plate (this was interesting – kind of like squid?!) and shared some shrimp and veg potstickers. I also helped my Dad with a few bites of his cheesy grits and spinach. Along with some wine [and coconut cream pie for desert] it was a fantastic (and really fun) meal!

In other news, I have been BUSY with school & work and the normal day to days, but I have some really fun plans coming up this weekend! Let’s just say travel to my favorite city and seeing some of my favorite people may be involved ;)!


What’s the best restaurant you have ever been to?

What are your weekend plans – anything fun / special happening?!


6 responses to “Dhalia Lounge.

  1. Dinner looks like it was amazing and sounds amazing, goat cheese, oh yes, total selling point ; )

    yay for exciting travels for you this wknd!!! Love ya speedy! ha! xoxo

    • Hahah “speedy lady…….” oh, lord 😉

      Hope you had a n amazing birthday lady!!!!!!!

      PS : Goat cheese, total selling point 😉

  2. Dinner looks sooooo good. WOW–yum!!

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