It’s The {Not So} Little Things.

The not so little things, like after a really long day/week of school, work, etc., coming home and seeing this waiting for you in the mail!………..

I was in the store last week and walked by this stand – they were doing a survey, collecting shoppers addresses to see which neighborhood they should open a new store.. Well, the woman behind the desk said they had four $100 gift cards to give away as incentives, that it would be mailed to my address if I won. I told her I live in a house with a hundred other people, so to get my name too. Low and behold…………

Holy Whole Foods!!!!!!!

I have some serious work to do :D!! (Last night I already started doing that by buying a bunch of fun bulk food bin finds to send to one sister and another mini gift card to send to the other, and this morning, continued with using it for my iced coffee !)

 What should I use this to buy?! Any Whole Foods finds I must try?!!!!
Have you ever won anything?! I was surprised – I never win anything!

3 responses to “It’s The {Not So} Little Things.

  1. That’s so awesome!! I’d buy the fun stuff I always WANT at WF but is too expensive to get. Nice chocolates, coconut milk ice cream, that kind of stuff 😉

  2. OMGGGGGG, I would’ve FREAKED 😀

    I’d get..everything i wouldn’t buy normally!!

  3. HAHAHAHA! I REMEMBER WHEN YOU TEXTED ME!! HOW INSANE AND AMAZING!! Take me out to WF bar baby. Be my sugar daddy.


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