How Funny Is This?!

Roxie is boss.


When I was home Sunday night, I snapped this picture of her standing on my Dad…This is the same cat that only drinks out of the sink faucet..she cries for us to turn it on for her!, the cat who walks all over my dog and the cat who will cry if you don’t pay attention / pet her enough…. (but I dooooooo love her 🙂 !!)

She has Egyptian cat royalty in her blood, I a m sure of it…..

Okay, off to finish packing for Fitbloggin! My plane leaves early! Be back soon with a recap / update!


Do you have {demanding} pets??


2 responses to “How Funny Is This?!

  1. Haha that’s such a cute picture! Have a wonderful time at Fit Bloggin:)

  2. LOVE this picture! Pets with personality are best. 🙂

    Hope you made it safely to FitBloggin’! It sounds like it’s going to be a fun weekend…Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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