FitBloggin Highlights.

FitBloggin‘ continues!!!

[Just a few] highlights:

What has been your favorite part of Fitbloggin?!

Have I met you this weekend?? Shout out to the new readers / bloggers!! 😀


12 responses to “FitBloggin Highlights.

  1. You are awesome!!!! Love your blog and you!!!! It’s been lovely meeting you this weekend 🙂

    • Aw thanks!! Yes has been an AMAZING weekend – and have loved meeting & hanging out with you too! 😀

    • Right back atchya! – You are awesome!
      This weekend was great, can’t wait for the fun to continue next time :D!!

  2. Looks like SUCH fun!!!

  3. I love seeing so many bloggers together. I wish I was at fitbloggin!

  4. thanks for saying hi today and didnt realize you were at FB too! everyone seems to have been there, or blogher in atlanta, or eatwriteretreat, too. so many GREAT conferences. looks like you’re having a blast!!!

    • Yeah I’m thinking you would have loved it! You should go next year!

      Do you have plans for Healthy Living SUmmit in August? Would love to meet in person !

  5. Oh man this looked like it would have been an amazing time! Maybe sometime soon I will go!

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